A8POWER Wireless Bluetooth Electronic and Digital Smart Body Fat Scales

A8POWER Electronic Smart Body Fat Scales via Amazon

A8POWER wireless bluetooth body weight digital and electronic scale

A8POWER “Smart Body Fat Scales” is a modern and functional digital and electronic Bluetooth 4.0 wireless scale (for up to 20 meters) with a modern LCD display that is very easy to read and that shows your simple weight, fat and muscle rate and other indicators and the app is compatible for use by both iOS and Android  phones. So after two to three seconds into your standing on the scale on barefoot, the weight on the LCD display will get stable and your BMI and the date of the weight measurement will be shown straight after, then in about five to eight seconds you will see your body fat rate/percentage, moisture, bone mass, muscle rate, visceral fat index and basal metabolic rate. With a single registered account up to eight users can use the device simultaneously, which also means “who is whom” will be easily detected by the history of different users’ body mass index, body fat and of course weight. A8POWER weighs 3.13 pounds with dimensions of 11.81 x 10.24 x 0.71 inches- is fairly small in size (suitable for bathroom and other rooms) but big in functions, is made of PC plastic (base) and 6mm tempered glass (panel).

A8POWER wireless bluetooth body weight digital & electronic scale info

Smart scale starts working automatically when you step on it and will turn off automatically if it is not used for twenty seconds. It is capable of weighing between 6.61 and 330.7 pounds with an accuracy of 0.44 and display indexing of 0.22 pounds- is very accurate, works quite well and it is something you can use even every day to keep track of your weight and other parameters. Apart from the multi user identification for up to 8 users on a single registered account, you have the “target reminder” and “embrace baby mode” features. The LED display actually looks quite nice with white wording on black background and there is the great app smart phone display for use with Android 4.3 and above and iOS 6.13 and above to view things like smart body fat scale. With “Data Sync”, for example, you can check the app on your phone while you’re on the scale or after you’re done with it. If you see “Lo” on the display it means “Low Power; “Err” means “Over the weight limit” and C means “Remeasure”. It is powered by two AAA 1.5 volt batteries and you have three language selections of English, Chinese and Spanish. In the box you will find the Smart Body Fat Scales, English User Manual and the two batteries you need to power and run it.

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