Ab Doer 360 Core and Abdominal Trainer Review

Ab Doer 360 Abdominal Trainer

Ab Doer 360 Abdominal Trainer

Ab Doer 360 is a brand new core and abdominal trainer that combines muscle shaping, aerobics, and ab-toning for both the beginners and advanced trainers. People of different ages- young and old can use it comfortably, no matter what size, weight and at what fitness level they are. In the box, you will find the Ab Doer 360, the Quick Start Guide, the Nutrition Guide, Accelerated Results, a Calendar for Motivation and a special workout program by John Abdo on DVD.

It successfully targets your abs, activates a few muscles simultaneously and massages your body. Ab Doer 360 is easy and a lot of fun to use and is claimed to help you lose weight quicker than other methods. It has the multi-directional patented core support column with an ergonomic design supporting your back, spine, and core. And it works 360 degrees, on your back, upper abs, lower abs, and love handles- obliques and will help you develop a good posture and a stronger back.

The brand new dynamic fluidity seat engages your core the same way a stability ball does. As soon as you sit on this special seat your core section starts reacting to it and you will feel the heat. Despite being designed mainly as an abdominal machine it targets all the major muscles in your entire body, including your legs, thighs, back, glutes and chest. You will be in a comfortable seated position unlike on a hard floor where you can feel not so comfy. And you will not be risking your back or neck like you would with the regular crunches.


The swivel movement will be easier with the adductor grip on the seat supporting your thighs. The pressure on your tailbone, pelvis and hip joints will be greatly reduced by the comfort groove in the middle of the seat. The dual foam rollers offer great support on both the lower and upper section of your spine. If you use this regularly on a daily basis and eat healthily you will get results quickly. It will help lessen any discomfort you may have on your back and enhance your flexibility. But like with any fitness equipment it is best to consult your health care professional before trying out the new Ab Doer 360.

Ab Doer 360 is a good quality product that is made of heavy gauge steel, weighs 31.2 pounds and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. It has a foldable design and folds up for easy storage. It is supported by a couple of university research papers to be a very effective workout and is approved by the National Health and Wellness Organisation. You will get it shipped almost assembled but is easy enough to put together. The contouring arm bars will help alleviate the bad compression on your back, spine, and neck, with a much better body alignment. Ab Doer has more than two decades of history and has been re-engineered recently into Ab Doer 360.

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