Fitness Reality Tre2500 Folding Electric Treadmill Review

Fitness Reality Tre2500 Electric Treadmill

Fitness Reality Tre2500 Folding Electric Treadmill

Fitness Reality Tre2500 is a 2017 model electric treadmill with a compact size and a foldable design. It has a smart goal setting computer with a blue LED-lit display with the elapsed time, distance walked, current speed and calorie indicators. This is a fairly small and portable treadmill so the running belt size is around 13 x 40 inches, that should be adequate unless you’re quite overweight.

It is a sturdy enough product with a user weight capacity is 220 pounds or 100kg. The goal setting computer is for two goal settings of distance and time. It lets you know when you reached your workout goal, whether it is time or distance. Fitness Reality Tre2500 has a space saving design and measures 48 x 23 x 50 inches with a 60 lb. weight. The foldable compact design makes it suitable for smaller flats and rooms as it folds down to 22 x 23 x 50 inches.

Fitness Reality Tre2500 Electric Treadmill

It folds up very quickly easily as you just lift the back part to the front and with the transport wheels you can move it to your closet or another room. If used regularly on a daily basis along with a healthy diet, it will help you burn calories and fat, tone muscles and improve your overall health. It is mainly for walking and jogging purposes rather than running. And the maximum speed you can reach on this unit is 5 mph, you can reach that gradually or quickly through the speed buttons.

Thanks to the nearly silent yet efficient motor it doesn’t make any noise that will disturb your music or TV during the exercise. The convenient and comfy to hold handlebars on both sides offer support and stability helping you maintain your balance when you’re walking. There are two bottle or accessory holders on both sides of the display panel, where you can put your water bottle or small items like your mobile phone. The safety clip is standard in almost all treadmills and you can pull the cord in case of emergency when you can’t stop on your own.

Fitness Reality Tre2500 has a fixed incline that can’t be adjusted automatically or manually and you’ll need to walk or jog at the same angle. There are no pulse rate sensors on this model, and no Scan or ODOmeter options. You will need to do some assembly but is not hard with the tools and instructions shipped with the product. Despite being a budget treadmill it is offered with a generous three years warranty by the manufacturer as a proof of its build construction. This is a good value product by a company (Paradigm Health and Wellness) with a reputable name in the fitness industry.

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