Air Climber Xpress Review

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Air Climber Xpress

The brand new AirClimber Xpress is a fun to use, simple yet very effective low impact cardiovascular workout tool for increasing your metabolism, burning calories and fat, losing weight and toning of your whole body but mainly targeting the lower body- leg muscles, thighs, calves, quads, hips, buttocks and your core to give you great chiselled flat abs with the unique APT- Air Power Technology that blocks pounding impact to your knees and joints by utilising the quick flowing air. You won’t need to set up anything as it comes completely assembled and you can use it directly out of the box, all you do is press the dial to inflate bellows and step on the soft cushion of air and start burning fat and with each step and pedal you will let the air flow and inflate the bellows.

Air Climber is light in weight and portable, has a very sleek and smart design, supports up to 250 pounds of is suitable for use by both beginners and advanced as it is a great fun way of burning calories and getting in shape and control knob with three levels of resistance to set the level of hardship (easy and light steps to a rather powerful workout) and the air flow will help you lift your legs so you can do more and keep moving for quicker results. In the box you will also get an easy to follow eating plan created by dieticians and  Bodacious Buns, Thighs & Abs! workout DVD. As a low impact non jarring impact, Air Climber Xpress is quite easy on the ankles and knees, won’t send a damaging or painful shock through your body and it is actually better than jogging, aerobics and walking in that sense. You’ll achieve quite a bit by dedicating only 20 minutes to half an hour per day before you leave your house or when you come back from work.

It makes only a little noise that is not enough to prevent you from hearing the TV or music so you can keep distracted or entertained and work out longer. You may be aware of the Air Climber that has been around for several years now and this new Express is a little more compact and is redesigned. You may be aware of “Air Climber” that has been around for several years now and this new “Xpress” is a little more compact and is redesigned. Very famous Brenda Dygraf is the name behind the new AirClimber Xpress by TriStar Products Inc. and she is well recognised as one of the top fitness people in America. Just like with the use of any workout equipment it is best to speak to your health care professional for your overall suitability if you have a related medical condition and not use it if you are pregnant as this is quite a challenging fitness program. As the only con we can think of, it is not a very cheap product for what it is as a concept at first glance but it certainly works and will help you get results faster if you add it to your existing treadmill or other equipment. The product is very durable and stable and comes with a limited lifetime warranty as an indication of its build quality.

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