ALPINE Elliptical Bike 2 in 1 Cross Trainer Review

Alpine Elliptical Bike 2-in-1 Cross Trainer via Amazon

ALPINE Elliptical Bike 2 IN 1 Cross Trainer

The recent release Alpine Elliptical Bike has quite a modern and innovative design, is a two in one cross trainer for a low impact workout in your house without having to get to gym regularly, with footpads moving in smooth elliptical motion for indoor elliptical rowing and cycling. It will let you experience a decent whole body- upper, lower and core cardio exercise that will work your buttocks, legs, calves, thighs, shoulders and arms without putting much negative pressure / strenuous impact on your knees and joints. LED display panel shows the standard indicators that you can monitor, to motivate you to reach your targets, including the calories burned, time exercised, speed (electrodeless speed change), distance and scan and this already being a good value budget cross trainer, we can not see a pulse rate monitor. You will feel safe and stable on its large platform during your daily exercise session and as a durable and solid cross trainer it can have a maximum user weight of 250 pounds. It weighs 60 pounds and measures 37 x 23.25 x 56.25 inches overall so it is fairly compact and lightweight and can be carried easily in your flat as it includes wheels.

Alpine Elliptical 2 in 1 Cross Trainer

Gray Alpine Elliptical runs smoothly and quietly with a chain driven fan resistance so you can have it in front of your TV and exercise while you’re watching your favourite shows or movies. It has a simple to use tension / friction knob in the middle that you can adjust easily for a harder or lighter exercise without having to get off the cross trainer. Being a dual direction unit you can go backward- do a reverse rotation as well as forward when you’re standing on the large anti-slip footplates or sitting on the saddle and work on slightly different muscles and move your arms with the elliptical handles moving with each stride and the very comfy PU sport saddle  / seat can be adjusted up and down for your comfort, between 32.25 to 40 inches (heigh between ground and seat). Like with any fitness equipment you purchase it will not be shipped completely assembled and will need some simple assembly with the instruction manual provided in the box as well as the hardware tool set and it is fairly easy to put together. As a CE listed product, manufacturer of Alpine Elliptical is declaring that it meets all that is required by the relevant European Community guiding, which is like a detailed international quality standard recognised all over the world.

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