Ancheer Multi-function Bench- Roman, Hyper, Hyperextension, Ab Trainer Review

Ancheer Roman Multi-function Bench


Ancheer Multi-function Bench can be used fin different ways, including as a hyper bench, roman bench, hyperextension and ab training purposes. As you can see in the photos, the bench, and the thigh support have thick and dense padding, look good quality and are leather stitched. It has a decent thigh support of pivoting foam rollers that are conveniently adjustable. It is built as quite a solid unit with a heavy duty steel frame with paint that protects it from rusting. Your feet and body will stay in place when you’re doing ab crunches and your lower legs during hyperextension workout. You’ll see the rubber frame caps for not damaging your floors, that are also anti-slip for added security when you’re exercising. So the backrest bench, thigh support and footrest are all adjustable to the height and intensity so you can target especially your core section of your body as the core is basically the foundation and the most important part of your body and you can also do push-ups, dips, single legged squats and your dumbbell exercises including single arm rows, dumbbell chest press and bicep curls, to target your chest, back, biceps and triceps.


Ancheer Multi-function Bench is a high-quality product that will hold up in residential gym conditions, made of high-density steel and PU leather. It weighs a bit over 55 pounds as a heavy duty unit- can have 300lbs of total weight and with 17.2 x 10.9 inch back mat and 28.5 x 10.9-inch lying mat dimensions, has a conveniently foldable design so you can relocate and store it without too much effort. Injury risk will be reduced when you have a stronger abdominal / core area and you will have better overall strength and balance. The appearance of your midsection will change by using it regularly and eating well, you will have toned abs and great back muscles. You can work your abs in three positions between 30 degrees and flat- doing crunches and by decreasing or increasing the angle you will make it less or more intense. It is totally adjustable, for example, you can do four different angles, thanks to the two holes under the bench and two holes on the brace. Being a US stock it will be shipped swiftly so you can start using it straight away but will need some simple assembly work which you can do on your own or get help from a second person, but the instructions are not very clear. It is quite a robust and solid bench without any shaking or wobbling so you’ll feel quite safe and stable when exercising but it is common sense to not do heavy bench presses on this one. Good value for money overall!

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