CAP Barbell Medicine Rack with Ball Set, HHKCS-42 Review

CAP Barbell Medicine Rack with Ball Set


The Cap Barbell HHKCS-42 is a fitness set that is made up of a Medicine Rack with Ball Set- a solid six shelf contemporary rack and six rubberized medicine balls of different weights- 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 pounds- so you have a full range of balls that bounce. The rack has a pretty nice and modern design and the balls have two tone colors and silver accents, looking good in any workout area. It will conveniently hold all your medicine balls when you’re not working out.You may have already seen in your local gym as they’ve become a bit of a standard these days, to let people perform a variety of exercises. These balls are mainly designed for working on your abdominal / core section of your body to efficiently develop your core strength and do different muscles groups at the same time. And with the textured grip on the surface you are in better control of things, to enhance your flexibility, balance, endurance and coordination.

This set of rack and balls is suitable for males and females of all ages and good for both home and office use. The Cap Barbell Rack is easy to put together, even just on your own, with the hardware- tools included and easy to follow instructions  and will not take up much space in your room, with the balls properly held by the holders, they won’t be lying around. The grip is quite tight but you can also toss them around quite easily and be used in a variety of exercises for your core and getting different muscle groups to work. Depending on your level of fitness you will not need to purchase expensive dumbbells, as these balls work as advertised for a basic level of fitness. But there is a small warning sign on the product page that says this unit includes phythalate chemicals that may cause birth defects, as known to California state. The rack is built sturdy and durable, will keep all your medicine balls neat and organised and with the rubber caps on each end, it will not damage your floors. And both the rack and balls are very good quality, they have this high-end feel and appearance of the more expensive models. It seems to be quite good value overall and you can find out about all the exercises you can do, in the manual provided and plenty more online.

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