ANCHEER S5400 Running Folding Treadmill Review

ANCHEER S5400 Treadmill 

Ancheer Treadmill S5400

Black Ancheer S5400 is a high-end, commercial level treadmill with a 3 HP motor for a good cardiovascular workout at home by fitness enthusiasts, light, and heavy users. You can get a nice cardio workout regularly on this machine, burn calories and fat, keep in shape and be healthier overall.

You will find a total of 12 pre-set exercise programs on the panel or you can set your own manually. It has a 5-inch LCD digital control panel as well as the easy reach Speed + and Speed – buttons on both handles, two small item holders on both sides of the screen, AUX, Headset and USB ports. You have the red safety key with the red cord that you can pull in case of an emergency. Or you can simply have the security clip attached to your clothes and if you fall the treadmill will stop automatically.

The heart rate sensors are located on the small fixed handles just to the left and right of the safety key and you will get an accurate reading (of your exercise intensity) on the display. You just need to place your thumb on the pulse sensors. The Ancheer S5400 includes an 8-zone cushion damping system with the 8 spring for absorbing shock, for much less impact on and effective protection of your ankles and joints and you can enjoy a far more natural jogging or running experience.

It is shipped partially assembled and folded and you only have to put some screws on by following the instructions. It weighs about 130 pounds and measures 51.2 x 68.5 x 28.7 inches as assembled- has a compact and space saving design. It has a foldable design with the soft drop Ancheer Treadmill S5400 LCD Displaysystem and you can push the running belt towards the display panel and it shall take up less space. It measures 25.6 x 68 x 23.6 inches as folded. And you can push it on its transportation wheels when you need to get it out of the way.

You can fold it up and down effortlessly, slowly and safely with the two pneumatic shocks to help you. The running belt is 48.8 x 18.1 inches and is comfortably wide enough for people of different sizes. The 3HP motor (110V, 50-60Hz) offers running speeds of as much as 10 miles per hour but you will see it in km per hour on the display- this being an imported (but US stock) model. So you can walk, jog or run at speeds of 0.5 to 10mph and change the speed swiftly through the panel or the handles during your session.

Ancheer S5400 is offered with a decent warranty of 3 years for motor and 2 years for frame along with a good customer support. The smart LCD panel shows the speed, calories, distance, heart rate and the program. You may put your smart phone, iPod and water bottle in the two holders next to the LCD display. As a sturdy and durable treadmill with a solid steel frame, it has a maximum user weight capacity of 308 pounds. It runs smoothly and quietly- as loud as the standard gym treadmills and will not disturb anyone in the house or whatever you’re watching or listening to. It is good value for money overall.

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