Ancheer Trbitty Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike Review

Ancheer Trbitty Upright Magnetic Bike

Ancheer Trbitty Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike

Ancheer Trbitty Upright is a brand new 2018 release indoor exercise bike for a low impact cardio workout with a vertical design and an adjustable magnetic resistance. You can purchase it in either black or silver with the latter ten dollars cheaper at the time of this review and with no difference in features.

It scores 5 / 5 stars out of 12 customer reviews and ratings indicating a great deal of customer satisfaction. The Trbitty Bike works quietly and smoothly with a V-belt drive and a precision balanced 12 lb. integrated flywheel. You can comfortably and conveniently do your cardiovascular workout, burn calories and fat without needing to leave the comfort of your house. It offers ten levels of resistance that you can change via the tension control knob which we recommend throughout your workout to make it more efficient for you.

It is an ultra-quiet exercise bike that is suitable for use at home. It will help you burn fat, enhance your cardiovascular health, improve your endurance and stamina and make you feel better overall. And you only need to dedicate a short amount of time every day- depending on your needs. It has a padded, large and comfortable seat with soft and quick dry faux leather cover, especially good for your longer sessions so you can burn more calories. You can adjust this seat for both the distance to the handles and the height.

There is a smartphone/ iPad bracket for your entertainment and a water bottle holder just below the resistance knob in the middle. And you do not have to get off the bike to get some water and stay hydrated. It has the pulse grips on both handles with the sensors linked to the simple yet functional LCD digital display thatAncheer Trbitty Upright Bike LCD Panel shows your accurate current heart rate to help you keep in your target heart rate zone and burn calories faster. It also has the stats like speed, time, distance, calories burned and Scan.

Customers commented on how quiet this brand new upright bike is as compared to what they were used to before. It is a great quality and a very sturdy bike that is quite a good deal for the money. So do not think this will be a low-quality one just because the price is not high. You’ll be able to use it whether you’re short or tall or heavy with the adjustable height seat and a maximum user weight capacity of around 330 pounds. It has the transport rollers at the bottom and you can move it from room to room easily within your house.

This is quite a sturdy bike that weighs a bit over 61 pounds and will never shake or wobble during your session, despite being conveniently foldable and compact. You can easily position yourself to lean back or lean forward thanks to the comfy handle height and adjustable seat height. The pedals are non-slip and include elastic straps. You can expect it to be quickly shipped as it is stocked in the US. You shall hardly hear anything when you’re cycling. It is easy to assemble straight out of the box as it comes with the instructions and tools you’ll need. It is offered with a warranty of one year for the materials and a 30-day risk-free return.

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