BAHOM Adjustable Squat Rack Barbell Stand Review

BAHOM Adjustable Squat Rack Barbell Stand

BAHOM Adjustable Squat Rack

BAHOM Adjustable Squat Rack (‎1023862) is a barbell rack stand and a weight lifting rack for a whole body workout in the comfort of your home or office gym. It has a versatile and wide range adjustable structure for your and different users’ workout needs.

You can adjust the width to ten positions within 18.89 inches, bumper tofive positions between 23.62 and 29.92 inches and height to eleven positions between 46.06 and 61.41 inches. This barbell rack stand has a robust 50mm x 50mm steel tube and the maximum total load it can carry is 440 pounds. The base is also designed to be stable and both sides combined with each other as a triangular support, so that there is no risk of shaking, moving or falling down during your training session. It has the anti-scratch feet underneath to protect your floors from potential scratching or damage.

BAHOM Adjustable Squat Rack Hand Grips

By using this barbell rack stand you have a total body workout, and train your chest, arms, hips, shoulders, legs and more. You can do your bench presses, pulls and squats for strengthening and toning your different muscles on this multi-functional fitness equipment that is the equivalent of a bench press stand, pull up bar and a dip station at the same time. And it lets you do different types of exercises at home, office or wherever you wish to use it. 

It is quick and easy to put the pieces together within 15 minutes or so with a specific assembly manual with the step by step instructions. It is a great quality adjustable squat rack that is stable, solid and durable. It is suitable for use by the different members of your family. The handgrips have the premium UVA material that are comfortable to hold. The spotters are adjustable to 5 positions for your safety during your workout session. The barbell rack has a strengthened U-shaped design that allows you to load higher. This hot new release weight rack first became available on May 18, 2022 and is currently ranked the 60th best seller among the strength training power cages. 

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