BalanceFrom RS 60 Multifunctional Workout Station with Bench, Squat Rack, Leg Extension & Preacher Curl Review

BalanceFrom RS 60 Multifunctional Workout Station 

BalanceFrom RS 60 Multifunctional Station Bench Rack

BalanceFrom RS 60 is a multifunctional and adjustable Olympic workout bench with the leg extension, preacher curl and squat rack. This heavy duty, solid and durable workout station is made of good quality steel, supports a max user weight of 400 pounds and a max total weight of 800 pounds.

You can easily adjust the Olympic bench to different angles at decline, flat and incline positions and the squat rack to different heights. This rack and the bench can work together or separately as part of its 2-piece design, for you to do squats without the bench getting in your way. The spotting arms are conveniently adjustable and will help avoid any potential injuries during your workout sessions.

You can isolate the movement of your arms and do your exercises in the right form, thanks to the arm handle and a preacher curl pad included as part of this set. Please note that both are easily removable when you want to use the weight bench on its own with your dumbbells, barbells or your own body weight. With the leg developer you’ll be able to target the quads, flute muscles and hamstrings. You can put your weight plates on the weight plate holders at the back of the squat rack neatly. You can adjust the height of squat rack between 50 and 65 inches.

BalanceFrom RS 60 Multifunctional Workout

The full station weighs 90 pounds, bench is 52 pounds, rack is 38 pounds and the overall dimensions are 73L x 46W x (50-65)H inches. This workout station can help you burn calories and fat by increasing the metabolic rate and improve the strength of your body and lean muscle mass. If used properly it will help you build, strengthen, tone and keep your muscle mass over time, if combined with a healthy eating plan. Overall it is a pretty good buy for the price tag, considering all that you’re getting in the multifunctional workout station. It is a robust and durable bench, rack, preacher curl and leg extension workout unit at a reasonable price.

You can do your squats, bench press, overhead press, leg extensions, bicep curls and a variety of other exercises on it. Please note that the leg extension may not work for very tall people. If you’re wanting to make a home gym at a budget, we’re happy to recommend it. It is quite easy to put the pieces together by following the instructions nd using the hardware included. You will complete the task earlier if you are two people working on it, in which case it shouldn’t take more than 2-3 hours. BalanceFrom RS 60 Multifunctional is a unisex adult workout station that can be used by both males and females of different ages and fitness levels. It was first released very recently, on October 29, 2020 and is listed as one of the best selling hot new release workout stations, weight benches or squat racks.

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