BESPORTBLE Adjustable 2-in-1 Dumbbell Barbell Weights Set Review

BESPORTBLE Adjustable 2-in-1 Dumbbell Barbell Set

BESPORTBLE Dumbbells Set Adjustable Weights Pair- 44lb 66lb

BESPORTBLE Weights Set is an adjustable 2-in-1 variable and interchangeable, coated, anti-slip free weights pair of 66 pounds for different levels of resistance training workout in your home gym. You can change the two dumbbells to a barbell in just a minute with the connecting rod.

It should be able to meet your different workout needs as it can be used as a back trainer, push up board or whatever you can do with dumbbells or barbells for your different workout needs. You can perform your resistance training exercises to strengthen and tone your leg muscles- quads, glutes & calves, lats, triceps, biceps, abdominals- core section, buttocks and hips. It can also help you burn fat, lose weight and get and keep a great body shape. You can do a variety of weight exercises without needing to go to the gym.

Black Besportble Dumbbell & Barbell Weights Set is made up of solid, surable and safe materials- stainless steel on the connecting rod and polyvinyl chloride- PVC on the outside of the dumbbells and cement mixture inside. And you can expect many years of use from this adjustable dumbbell barbell weights set. The PVC exterior will help prevent any damage to your floors and the weights and connecting rod are abrasion-resistance, rust proof and anti-cracking. The non-slip thread design on the dumbbell handle will increase the grip friction and stop any accidental slipping during your sessions.

BESPORTBLE Dumbbells Set Adjustable Weights Pair

The total of two dumbbells’ weight can be a total of up to 66 pounds on this total body and multipurpose weights set and there are 16 dumbbell plates in the set, 4 of each of 5.5lb (2.5kg, 8.7″ diameter), 4.4lb (2kg, 7.9″ diameter), 3.3lb (1.5kg, 7.3″) and 2.75lb (1.25kg, 6.7″), a 51.5cm (19.7″) extendable connecting rod to be assembled into a barbell and 2 dumbbell bars. In the box you’ll also get a connecting bar of 15.7 inches, 4 x 2.2″ nuts and a pair of protective gloves.

You just put the weight plate on two sides and tighten the nuts and it is ready to be used. The strengthened nut stops any loosening of the dumbbells. The exterior of the barbell connecting rod is soft sponge that will help decrease any pressure on your neck or shoulder and also protect them during your workout session. This weights set is easy to store and good for smaller spaces as you can just put them under your bed, in the closet or in a convenient corner. November 10, 2021 is the date it was first available at and there aren’t any customer reviews so far. We’re happy to recommend this adjustable dumbbell barbell weights set especially to those that can’t get to gym regularly.

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