BestEquip Multi-station Adjustable Workout Weight Bench with Leg Extension Review

BestEquip Multi-station Adjustable Workout Bench

BestEquip Multi-station Adjustable Workout Bench with Leg Extension

This is a hot new release adjustable multi-station workout weight bench by BestEquip that can be used in FID- flat, incline and decline positions and that includes a leg extension. Although it has a professional FID bench design, it is created for personal use at home gyms rather than commercial gyms by tens of people each day.

It is a durable heavy-duty fitness equipment made from steel with powder coating and PU material that is resistant to oil and waterproof. The main tube is 1.97 inches thick, the squat rack is 41 inches wide with an adjustable height between 35 and 52 inches. It has a shipping weight of 52 pounds, and the package measures 53.54 x 15.35 x 9.45 inches.

You can adjust it for both width and length through the adjustment button and there is also an anti-slip card holder to help improve the adjustable security. The seat and backrest cushion is quite thick and feels comfy overall for your longer workout sessions. The back pad is totally adjustable and good for your longer sessions. You also have the decent foam rollers for leg extension and curl exercises.

BestEquip Multi-station Bench has a two-piece design of a weight bench and a squat rack. The squat rack is separated and detachable from the weight bench. And you can use it with Olympic or regular barbells that are between 5 feet and 7.2 feet long, and for lunge and walk-in squats.BestEquip Multi-station Adjustable Workout Bench You will not get any dumbbells, barbells or plates included in the box. It is quite convenient to be able to adjust for height and fold.

It is suitable for use by people at any level of fitness or at whatever stage they are in their resistance training. They can use it for a total body multi-functional training with dumbbells, barbells or own body weight in a great range of exercises. It is good for building, toning, strengthening and keeping muscle mass on your lower body, upper body and core section- abdominals. The risk of injury to your hands is minimised with the no-pinch design and the integrated hooks.

You will receive it unassembled and with all parts and tools included and individually wrapped in the package. It is not difficult to put it together but you will do it faster if you get help from another person and you should be able to finish it in less than two hours. This is a good quality multi-functional product with a very solid and durable feel and comfortable thick padding and a reasonable price. There is not much information or customer reviews online yet as this is a new product but seems to be one of the best selling weight benches on

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