Ziema Sports S900 Folding Treadmill with 10.1″ Touch Display Review

Ziema Sports S900 Folding Treadmill

S900 10.1 Inch Large Screen Folding Treadmill

Black S900 by Ziema Sports is a commercial grade folding style treadmill for a great cardiovascular workout at home. It has a large 10.1-inch computerized web-enabled LCD-backlit high definition color touch display. This is actually the first treadmill and even a fitness equipment with wireless connection/web browsing that we’re reviewing.

The HD display panel has the standard stats like your speed, distance, time, calories burned and heart rate via the sensors. But it also lets you go online and surf the net on its HD screen during your session and use its Hi-Fi stereo system while you’re walking, jogging or running. You have an easier experience on its user-friendly advanced control panel with toolbar buttons with icons, accelerator keys and loud and clear speakers.

You will feel safer and more comfortable on its very strong, dense and elastic double deck running board with a level 6 damping structure and non-slip and anti-static belt with lawn texture. S900 Treadmill runs quieter than normal- can be used day and night and you will be able to exercise longer. It has a decent and stable 3 horsepower DC motor (110V, 50-60Hz frequency) that runs very quietly while consuming much less power. You will definitely not be disturbing your neighbors downstairs or people sleeping in your house.

As a solid and sturdy product, the maximum user weight capacity is 308.6 pounds. If you use this treadmill regularly- on a daily basis and generally eat well you will get results. You have a total of 12 pre-set exercise programs for whatever you want to achieve. The images look sharp and clear with vibrant colors on its advanced LCD display. It S900 10.1 Inch Large ScreenTreadmillhas an integrated real-life scenery moot running feature that comes with a few three-dimensional outdoor running scenes. So it is a lot of fun as it will feel just like exercising on an actual road and this will make you stick to your plan.

S900 is easy to fold up and unfold with the Soft Drop System that has the two pneumatic shocks that help move the running board up and down easily. It includes the rolling wheels underneath at the front so you can roll it very easily and relocate for storage. It is simple to put together with the clear instructions even just on your own and in about half an hour. It measures 28.3 x 67.3 x 50.8 inches as assembled and 28.3 x 67.1 x 29.3 inches as folded. You can walk, jog or run at speeds between 0.5 and 9.9 mph (0.8 and 16 kph) on its wide running board that measures 15.7” x 49.6”.

You can also hold onto its comfy, solid and good length foam rubber handles when you need some support. It doesn’t have an adequate amount of incline and is not a budget priced model but being functional, simple to use, quiet, smart with a large web-enabled LCD touchscreen and good quality speakers, well-constructed and durable, it seems to be very well worth the price tag. This is a US stock product so you will get it to your address very quickly via Amazon.com. Customer service team is quite helpful after sale and the warranty offered is three years for the motor and two years for the frame.

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