Body Champ BCB3780 Olympic Weight Bench and Squat Rack Review

Body Champ BCB3780 Olympic Weight Bench & Squat Rack

Body Champ BCB3780 Olympic Weight Bench

Body Champ BCB3780 is a two piece Olympic weight bench and a standalone squat rack- a multipurpose strength trainer with solid and heavy duty build and double action leg developer to help you do a variety of exercises at different angles, including military presses, chest presses, leg lifts and others, for great whole body workouts. It is designed to be quite durable with such a sturdy frame so it will not be wobbly at all as long as you don’t go over the specified weight limit of 750 pounds including the user and weights, which would be quite hard to do. And you will feel safe on it with also the U-shaped front stabilizer with anti-skip and anti-slip caps, as well as the non-pinch grip and locking security hook for added security and effective workouts consistently. The decline, flat, incline and military positions are possible on this unit as the backrest is totally adjustable for five different positions / angles. With the convenient leg attachment- the two action leg developer with foam rollers that are adjustable with lock pins, you will be able to do your crunches, leg curls, and lifts comfortably.

Body Champ BCB3780 Olympic Weight Bench and Squat Rack

It comes with an excellent, solid standalone squat rack that you see in the photo (which is actually one of the best things about this unit) that can have up to 300 pounds of weight, so you can do your front squats (as the posts can be raised tall enough), standing military presses and other exercises. Body Champ BCB3780 weighs 73 pounds and is a regular size unit of two pieces of a weight bench with leg attachment and a standalone squat rack, with total dimensions of 75 x 44 x 69 inches (bench measures 52 x 48 x 68 inches). The rack can have 6’ or 7’ bars comfortably, is quite solid and sturdy but it is probably a good idea to put it near a wall if you don’t want to get the feeling it will fall back when you throw weights on it, especially if you will be working out with heavy weights. Please try also not to put too much weight on the leg extension so the bench continues to feel stable. Another thing according to a couple of customers is that the cushions can feel a bit tough at first but will get better by time. It is shipped unassembled like any fitness equipment you buy but is simple to assemble in about half an hour and appears to be very good value for money- multifunctional with possibilities, sturdy and robust at a low price and the warranty included is one year by the manufacturer.

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