BRRRN 6ft Adjustable & 5ft Premium Slide Board Review

BRRRN 6ft Adjustable & 5ft Premium Slide Boards

BRRRN Slide Board At-Home Cardio Workout Legs Core Toning

BRRRN Slide Board is a 5 feet long cross training workout equipment for toning your legs, glutes and abdominals in the comfort of your home. It is very easy to use and will be helpful for running, tennis, skiing, ice skating and hockey. You’ll get a pair of slide mitts, a pair of slide booties and board care wipes in the package.

The company has two premium slide board models, one of them 5 feet long and another adjustable one between 5 and 6 feet and both are 20 inches wide for plenty of exercise space. If you are less than 5’3″ tall you are best getting the first one and if you’re taller or an experienced slider or different people will be using it, then you’re better off with the 6 feet adjustable board. May 20, 2021 is the date it became available on, is currently ranked the 23rd best seller among the strength training leg machines.

Please note that it is a hard, solid board and can not be rolled up for storage bu will slide under your bed or sofa nicely. This premium slide board offers you a challenging workout that will help improve your performance in other sports significantly and enhance your endurance, mobility and balance as you do your lateral movements and minimise any stress on your joints. This versatile low impact fitness equipment will not cause major burden on your joints or muscles. It is quite a popular fitness product by fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes.

BRRRN Slide Board - At-Home Cardio Workout

The Brrrn At-Home on demand subscription that you can use on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet offers hundreds of workouts in 10+ categories from beginner to advanced. These include slide, boot camp, core, yoga, cardio sculpt, brreath, brrnouts and recovery. It is an easy to install iOS or Android app that is available as monthly or annual plans and can be streamed on your laptop too. The trainers all have different styles and subjects and you have a variety of different types of workouts that do not get repetitive or boring.

Brrrn Slide Board is a good quality, premium fitness product that is durable and built to last for a long time. It is made with the custom polymer blend and recyclable materials, will stay secure on the floor and you’ll be the only thing that is sliding during your workout session. It comes with the booties for feet and mitts for hands and accessories for a decent foundation for your fitness routine. More than 23,000 people have been through the company’s NYC studios and they claim to have never had to replace a board or even an acessory. Overall it is a stylish, durable, functional, versatile and a proven fitness product that offers good value for money. And the average customer rating is a decent 4.6 out of 5 stars by 84 customers at the moment.

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