SPORFIT Sissy 8-in-1 Deep Squat Machine Review

SPORFIT Sissy 8-in-1 Deep Squat Machine

SPORFIT Sissy 8-in-1 Multifunction Deep Squat Machine

SPORFIT Sissy 8-in-1 Deep Squat Machine is a modern, multi-functional fitness workout equipment for strength training- a push-up exerciser, a sit-up bench, and a leg machine for home gym use. It has an average user rating of 5 stars by a few customers so far, being a very recent release product that was first available on Amazon.com in December 2021. And it is currently ranked the 43rd best selling strength training leg machine.

Yellow and black SporFit Sissy weighs 29.5 pounds and measures 38L x 16.5W x 18.5-30H inches with a 16” x 7.5” cushion. The maximum weight recommendation is 265 pounds on its robust, thickened heavy-duty steel frame with the joints reinforced and a T-shaped structure for more stability. The materials used are iron, PVC and PU leather on the cushion and the rollers. With the anti-slip pads underneath you can feel safer during your training session and your floors will not get scratched and damaged. 

You can train your buttocks and leg muscles by doing squats, lunge squats or load squats on this multi-functional 8-in-1 sissy squat machine. Core / abdominal resistance training can be performed on the sit-up bench by laying the cushion flat and push ups on the anti-skid handles at the front for the strength of your arms- triceps and biceps on the armrest. You also have the elastic resistance bands that let you do a variety of other exercises by attaching them to the band locks at the bottom. Please refer to the product photos and the chart / tutorial included in the package.

SPORFIT Sissy 8-in-1 Deep Squat Machine

The cushion has the 11-gear height adjustment and 3-gear angle adjustment and the cylinders have the 6-gear height adjustment and it can even be laid totally flat. By adjusting the cushion height up to 30 inches you can do your preacher curls and stretches. It can even help you correct your posture and avoid the wrong force. It has a thoughtful design with the large cushion that measures 16” x 7.5” to make you feel comfy during your workout, anti-slip handles and front pedal to avoid slipping and the good quality, protective foam cylinders to avoid pressure to the instep. 

This much adjustment and flexibility is good for people with different heights and doing a variety of different exercises. The cushion can be separated and put away and the calf raise machine adjusted to a small size after use for easy relocation and storage. It comes with the handles and transportation wheels to help move the squat machine easily. And you can put it in a convenient corner, in the closet or under your bed or sofa to save you on some space. It is shipped from a warehouse in the US within 3 to 5 days and offered with a decent post-sales customer service that try to get back to your queries very quickly. You’ll get a user manual in the package with the detailed instructions for installation and exercises you can do as part of fitness tutorial that includes the warm-up methods as well. 

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