Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells and Stand Review

Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells and Stand

Here is a set of two pairs of adjustable dumbbells and a solid stand with a heavy-duty frame and a space saving design by Core Fitness and is offered at a fair price when you buy the two in a set. You can adjust the weights on each dumbbell from 5 to 50 pounds quickly with the TwistLock technology- with the “Flick of the wrist” and hold them comfortably with the soft to touch and grip contoured handles that make it both safe and comfy.

Dumbbells let you focus on a certain muscle group and giving you more efficiency, while strengthening secondary muscles, giving you a bit more balance. You can work on your chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and legs. To change the weights, you just put the dumbbell in the cradle, turn the handle and you can change the weight quickly. Your dumbbells will be kept safely in place on the stand that is built quite sturdy and robust. Shipping weight of the product is 150 pounds and the stand measures 22 x 34 x 33 inches- has a compact design and at the correct height of 33 inches and the right design and great storage, you have easy access to the dumbbells and can lift them properly- your workout session will be easy, quick and safe.

There is nothing flimsy or boxy about the Core Fitness dumbbells, unlike some of the competitor models and you can do all the exercises you would normally do with the regular dumbbells. With a total of 100 pounds of weight of dumbbells, of 2 x 50lbs, the width will be bigger at that weight level and less with the smallest 5lbs. You will find yourself exercising more as you’ll have your adjustable dumbbells within easy reach, you don’t have to wait for other people finishing their workout with the equipment and with the fact that you can do quite a few exercises with them. As you see in the photos, the bottoms of dumbbells are flat and they won’t slip when you put them on the floor and they feel rather solid and sturdy when you hold them and give you the feeling they will last a while being made of heavy duty steel and assembled very nicely.

Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells and Stand

If you are following a certain program and you need to be able to change the weights quickly to keep up with it and you need to rest only a little. The main reason for getting a dumbbell set like this one is the convenience of having like this within easy reach at home, you can use them anywhere as they hardly take up any space- in your living room, garage or basement; the convenience of adjusting the weights very quickly, cost effectiveness of having such a flexible and adjustable set, rather than paying for a gym membership and being able to dedicate less space to fitness equipment as you do not need to get a set a whole set of different dumbbells and causing clutter. Although the stand is pretty solid for what it is, it is a good idea to not move it loaded with weights. This is great value for money overall and a product that we recommend.

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