Benefits of Boosting Nitric Oxide in Your Body

Benefits of Boosting Nitric Oxide

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Nitric oxide (NO) is a very important signaling molecule found in your body- gas naturally made by your body and a great vasodilator (blood vessel dilator), that will help you increase your muscle mass and get ripped muscles. It will improve your blood pressure levels (reduction of blood pressure), help you think clearly (aid in neurotransmission), give you more energy and stamina to exercise better and to push more. Your blood vessels will be expanded and more oxygen will get to your brain, heart and other parts of your body.

Your arteries go downhill by age- get damaged, scarred and get covered with atherosclerosis and prevent adequate nitric oxide production and you need to realize it is essential to boost your NO levels as you get older. You need to have enough of it for your cardiovascular health, normal blood pressure along with enough blood circulating in your body and to your penis when you’re sexually aroused. This is exactly why the majority of men suffer from erectile dysfunction and this gets worse by age. There are so many nitric oxide boosting supplements on the market and there are ways you can boost the production naturally in your body, so you have a better sex life, feel less tired, lift more at the gym and maintain a healthy heart. When you do a research online you’ll find a variety of foods recommended for boosting nitric oxide production in your body.

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First you need to exercise regularly and have an active lifestyle, as you push more at the gym or walk or run every day you will get your heart pump more and harder so it can provide your body with more oxygen, putting more pressure on your arterial walls, there will be a better blood flow and more nitric oxide will be released. L-Arginine and L-Citrulline are the key amino acids for nitric oxide production and you can certainly get them from different plant based nuts and fruits and animal based foods like dairy, eggs, and meats. You need to focus on nitrate-rich vegetables like beetroot, spinach, cabbage, radishes, celery, carrots, parsley and when you consume the nitrates, they will be converted to nitrites, which are then converted to nitric oxide in your gut and the more you eat them, the more nitric oxide will be available for you in your system.

Dark chocolate is one of the best-known foods for enhancing libido and improving NO levels and they contain higher amounts of cocoa which contains certain antioxidants that help with more nitric oxide production and lower blood pressure. Pomegranate is another well-known nitric oxide booster that helps improve cholesterol levels and according to a study, just 50ml of pomegranate juice will enhance the blood flow by around 44% and decrease the distance between middle and inner layers of arteries by 35% and giving you better erections, it will greatly improve your sex power. Do not eat a lot of high-fat foods as the NO production will be temporarily blocked and reduced, and stick to good fats from sources like avocado, olives, walnuts etc. as for example walnuts include L-arginine and a variety of healthy antioxidants that help protect the nitric oxide in your body. And if you want even faster results, you can certainly check out the best-selling nitric oxide boosters on