DEROFIT Water Resistance Rower with 46” Aluminuim Slide Rail Review

DEROFIT Water Resistance Rowing Machine

DEROFIT 46” Aluminuim Slide Rail Water Resistance Rowing Machine

Derofit 46-inch Water Rowing Machine is a sleek and modern rower with a 46-inch aluminium slide rail,  water resistance, LCD display & device mount. It is suitable for use by younger and older men or women at beginner to advanced levels with different resistance levels. It was released very recently on February 13, 2022 and is currently ranked the 68th best selling rowing machine with a 5-star average rating so far.

Black and white Derofit Water Rower measures 79L x 20W x 36H inches, has a robust and durable construction with a lightweight but heavy duty alloy steel frame that can have a maximum of 330 pounds of user weight. People that are up to 6’4” of height can use this rowing machine comfortably, thanks to its 46-inch long sliding track and a 43-inch long inseam. It can be moved easily on its transport wheels in foot tube at the front and keep it in an upright position without any water leaking. It takes up just 20” x 79” of space when stored vertically.

The large 3D molded cushioned and comfortable seat (12L x 10W) moves smoothly and quietly on this steady aluminium slide rail that feels quite stable and that will make your rowing machine last longer than the black iron versions. With the water resistance and the calming sound of water, it feels like rowing outdoors on water- lake or river. The level of resistance is determined by how much water you put in the water tank at the front. And you can put more water in for more resistance and challenge. With the easy pump system with a funnel you can fill or empty the tank quickly.

The 3D seat is very large, nicely cushioned and comfortable especially for longer sessions. The textured anti-slip foot holders have the adjustable straps for keeping your feet in place without slipping. The large LCD-backlit display is conveniently adjustable to different heights for easier viewing and shows the standard rowing indicators of calories burned, time exercised, time/500m, distance traveled, strokes and SPM. And you can track yourDEROFIT 46” Aluminuim Slide Rail Water Resistance Rower training performance and achieve your goals faster. There is also a device holder just below the monitor for you to watch exercise and other videos during your session.

It is shipped 90% assembled and you can do the rest in 15-20mins on your own without needing other tools. You’ll get a warranty of 12 months that includes the repairs, replacement, refund and return. This rower has an innovative design with the good quality materials and solid construction for many long years of use. Rowing is a great cardiovascular workout that gets about 85% of your upper and lower body muscles involved, not just your back. There are 6 water resistance levels and please do not add more water above the maximum level of 6. And you’re recommended to change or purify the water in the tank twice a year. In the box you’ll get the water rower, tools for assembly, a pumping siphon, a funnel and a bottle of water purifier. 

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