DR.GYMLEE M7 Gimars Folding Smart Electric Treadmill Review

DR.GYMLEE M7 Gimars Folding Smart Treadmill

DR.GYMLEE M7 Gimars Folding Smart Electric Treadmill is a mid-range motorized jogging and running equipment with a robust construction, 2.0MHP motor, effective shock absorption and LCD display for use at home by men, women and teenagers.

With a foldable, compact and space saving design it would be ideal for small apartments or houses. You can fold it down easily and push it on its transportation wheels and put it in a convenient place, like under the bed, in your closet or in a convenient corner. Dr. Gymlee Treadmill can carry up to 300 pounds of user weight on its sturdy steel frame.

It has a 15-degree fixed natural incline and you don’t need to adjust the setting angle manually. The LCD screen that is easy to operate comes with the regular workout stats that you’ll find on the other treadmills: Distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised (duration), current speed and heart rate. You’ll find the heart rate sensors on the handrails that are connected to the LCD screen for a precise reading. It is good to be able to track your workout stats and especially your heart rate before, during or after your session.

You can change the speed easily by the Speed + and – as well as the 4 speed choices given to you: 3, 6, 9 and 12kph. By using these 4 quick speed set buttons you will rapidly accelerate to the speed you select. It has a 17-inch wide running belt (43″ x 17″) that moves smoothly and quietly thanks to the modern shock absorbing system with the super compression spring that absorbs the noise to 50 decibels for you to listen to your music and watch videos comfortably. And you will not disturb your neighbors or family when you’re exercising on this treadmill.

DR.GYMLEE Folding Smart Motorized Treadmill

In case the treadmill goes too fast, you drift back or fall off the treadmill power will get shut off through the safety key. You can certainly feel very safe when exercising on this treadmill. The iPad and smartphone holder is just below the smart LCD screen and will help you keep entertained and distracted. Your workout will become more exciting and fun. The anti-slip rubber tread belt will protect your knees and ankles and decrease any potential damage.

Dr. Gymlee Treadmill is very easy to assemble in just a few minutes by following the instructions, straight out of the box. It comes with the smartphone/iPad holder as well as the two cup holders. If you don’t have time to get to the gym regularly because of your busy schedule at work or with the home commitments, this treadmill can very well be worth considering. It will help you burn calories, lose weight, strengthen and tone your leg muscles and get your whole body fit and healthy over regular use and if combined with a healthy eating plan overall.

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