EMER F-21 Vibration Platform Machine Review

EMER F-21 Vibration Platform Machine via Amazon

EMER F-21 Vibration Platform

Emer F-21 is a modern compact vibration platform for therapy, relaxation and exercise purposes and there are some studies out there that show vibration platforms’ benefits for decreasing back pain, burning fat, slimming and weight loss, stimulating blood circulation, strengthening muscles, improving balance (especially in seniors), reducing stress and increasing bone density (and reducing bone loss) with its high cycle automated system. It is suitable for being used both at home or office and you need to dedicate about 15 minutes three to four days a week. Black, white and green colourful Emer is made of solid plastic and rubber, comes with very strong ropes to help you work on your upper body as well, an infrared remote to start and stop and to control different functions on the smart panel, good quality anti-slip rubber surface to put your feet on and anti-slip sucker feet at the bottom for the vibration unit to stay fixed in its place. The weight capacity is specified as 264 pounds and although the platform surface is only big enough to have your feet on, you will still be able to work your whole body- you can either stand or sit on it and use it with or without ropes.

EMER Vibration Platform Machine F-21

The way this EMER F-21 and other vibration platforms work is they send vibrations and energy to your entire body, helping your muscles contract and relax many times per second giving you that feeling of applying pressure on your muscles. Like with any exercise program you will need to have a proper diet, such as cutting back on calories and eating healthier if you wish to get better results. If you are pregnant, extremely large in size, have certain health problems like bone weaknesses and middle ear infection you should not use these units and you’ll be better off checking with your health professional if you are suffering from certain other health conditions. And yes although there are a few clinically proven health and fitness benefits of this and other similar vibration platforms, it will come down to personal choice and circumstances and you should be careful of the exaggerated product benefit claims by the manufacturers. For example you will probably benefit more from actively working out at the gym but it will require a lot more effort too and you will find these units in a lot of gyms or your can purchase one for use in the comfort of your home or in your office. Zhejiang Meier Fitness Equipment Co. Ltd is the name of the Chinese indoor fitness equipment manufacturer with two decades of history that is based in Yongkang City and that creates innovative products that pass quality tests and have certain certifications like RoHS and CE.

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