Finether Indoor Chain Driven Stationary Exercise Bike Review

Finether Indoor Chain Driven Stationary Bike

Finether Indoor Chain Driven Exercise Bike

Finether Indoor Exercise Bike is a chain driven and adjustable stationary spinning bike with a large flywheel and a beautiful modern design. There aren’t many reviews online yet but is rated 5 out of 5 stars on It is offered in two nice color options of black + red and red + black with small design and features differences.

And the latter costs twenty dollars less at the time of this review. The first one has a decent 29-pound flywheel and the second one has a 17.6 lb. one, and both offer quiet and smooth cycling experience. You can watch TV or listen to music while you’re exercising without being distracted. First one’s handlebar is adjustable for height between 32 and 35.8 inches and you can adjust the second one between 29 and 33 inches. The distance between the seat and the handles is the same for both: 35 to 39 inches.

They are designed to help you burn calories (roughly 250 calories every 30 mins) and fat, increase your heart rate, keep your joints healthy, strengthen and tone your muscles, circulate oxygen and blood better through your body and improve your overall health as well as how you feel mentally. There is a small LCD display panel with stats like Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Pulse, Scan, Odometer and Pulse via the heart rate sensors. And you can keep track of your sessions and monitor how you’re doing during the session and over time.

Both are heavy-duty bikes and the total user weight capacity is specified as 265 pounds (approximately 120kg) which you should make note of when you’re purchasing this unit. The handles and the saddle are adjustable on both models to be able to accommodate people of different weights and heights. You’ll find the Finether Indoor Chain Driven Cycling Bikedouble locking knobs that will give more stability to the seat and the handles. You can actually stand up on this bike and ride thanks to the sturdy aluminum alloy bodies with forged shafts on the pedals.

You can adjust the resistance level manually when you want an easier or more challenging workout. And the tension knob works as brakes when you press it down and you want the bike to stop. The pedals have the toe clips with straps and will fit different sizes of shoes and you’ll feel more stable and balanced with the leveling feet. The saddle is the professional sportbike type and appears to be comfy for your longer sessions.

The padded saddle has the center relief zone for tailbone and prostate and the handles are foam-wrapped. There are a bottle holder and a red aluminum bottle in the middle to help you keep hydrated during your workouts. You have the integrated front wheels so you can move it easily in your house to get it out of the way or for storage purposes. You will receive it unassembled but is quite easy to put together the parts in half an hour or so with the clear instructions and tools included. It is a good quality bike that appears to be very sturdy, offers balance and stability, is comfortable and functional and offered at a fair price. Overall it proves to be decent value for money.

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