XMark Lumberjack Women’s Olympic Bar, 25 mm Grip Review

XMark Lumberjack Olympic Bar, 25mm Diameter

XMark LUMBERJACK Women's Olympic Bar

XMark Lumberjack is a hot recent release, sturdy, and comfy 25mm grip/diameter Olympic bar.This is a brand new product that has just appeared on Amazon.com, so there aren’t many customer reviews out yet. But we are positive about the customer satisfaction in terms of functionality, comfort, and durability.

It is made of heated alloy steel shaft with a good quality black manganese phosphate, which is a very tough coating and includes chrome sleeves. It offers great protection from abrasion, rust or corrosion and gives it more durability and longevity. It is exactly like the original 28-inch Lumberjack but with a 3mm smaller diameter. And it was created upon their customers’ requests for the same model with the smaller grip.

You’ll benefit from the optimal spin with the durable upgraded brass bushings. The smooth chrome sleeves will offer you the ability to load and unload the weight plates easier with the brass alloy bushings that are self-lubricating. With a moderate flex for decent performance, it is halfway between stiff and flexible and you can do your bench presses, deadlifts, squats, cleans, snatches and more comfortably.

When you consider the knurling and coating it gives you better firm grip without the sharpness of a cheese grater knurling. It is suitable for achieving good performance in powerlifting, Olympic and cross training, thanks to the great quality dual snap ring and alloy steel. XMark LUMBERJACK Women 25mm Olympic Bar Chrome sleeves are attached to the bar with this great dual snap ring system that will make sure they are never detached from the shaft.

Lumberjack is proven to handle up to 700 pounds of total weight and no deformation was observed in the test. The knurling is IPF and IWF medium depth fine knurling and there is no center knurling. The bar itself weighs 36 pounds (16.33 kg) and if 79.25 inches long with a sleeve length of 13.75 inches. 13 inches of the sleeve is loadable.

The grip part is 51.5 inches between the two sleeves and will fit on regular 50-inch size squat cages comfortably. The regular barbell sleeves are larger than this model and if you feel that you’ll be using large rubber weights then you may want to go for the larger diameter Lumberjack. It is shorter than a 7’ bar and either way, it does the job well and rotates well, feels nice and comfy. This is not a cheap bar (but is certainly affordable for what it is) so you may want to take good care of it. You will want to wipe it down occasionally with a 3-in-1 or WD-40. It is definitely good value for money.

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