Fitbill F.Row Smart Rowing Machine Rower with Bluetooth Sensor Review

Fitbill F.Row Smart Rower with Bluetooth 

Fitbill f.row Smart Rowing Machine with Bluetooth Sensor

Fitbill f.row is a solid and modern, hot new release smart rowing machine with a Bluetooth sensor. It runs very well with an exercise app that you can download from Google Play Store for Android phones or Apple App Store for iPhones.

This app works with a variety of Fitbill exercise machines including the exercise bikes, sit-up bench, magnetic walker, rower, and treadmill. It includes workout programs created by the certified personal trainers at beginner to advanced levels and also lets you create your own exercise routines. You will be able to keep track of your progress directly on your smartphone screen, rather than a built-in LCD display like on other fitness equipment.

There is a built-in coach trainer on the Fitbill app, which is a progressive trainer of 6 months duration. The Bluetooth speed detector keeps track of your rowing counts and reps, time and calculates the distance and estimates the burned calories according to your weight that you enter. It will even save your training history if you wish to see your progress over time.

The Fitbill F.Row Rowing Machine measures 42.5 x 26 inches, with a 41-inch slide rail length and a total maximum weight of 300 pounds. It has a sturdy steel frame, a large and comfy fully padded seat, anti-slip and good size foot pedals with adjustable self-adhere foot straps for your comfort and security.  It feels sturdy and durable and has a good quality feel with a decent fit and finish.

It is nice to have the independent resistance on the left and right sides and with varying levels of tension, people at different fitness levels can use this unit comfortably. It has the adjustable hydraulic cylinder resistance system that mimics the actual rowing experience on the water. So you can adjust the level of resistance separately on Fitbill F.Row Smart Rower Smart Appeach full-motion swing arm (that allows a large motion range) by loosening the knob and moving the aluminum clamp up and down.

With work and other life commitments, and lack of time and energy it is not always easy for many people to get to the gym regularly. So a great percentage of them join a gym, pay the hefty annual fees and to quit only after a few days or weeks, as it is so easy to lose motivation.

With something like the new Fitbill f.row, you’re getting an efficient and low impact workout on a sturdy and comfortable machine that also gives you smart feedback on your smartphone through the Bluetooth connectivity and fit bill app. Like any fitness equipment, it is shipped unassembled but is easy enough to put together on your own in less than an hour.

You will not need any extra tools to fold the unit and you can use the caster wheels on the front foot to roll the rower into its position. The instruction manual included in the box is a bit weak and should cover more stuff in detail, without assuming things. And the Fitbill app is currently not the best and there is quite a bit of room for improvement. The manufacturer seems to be aware of that and the app is updated regularly (security updates and critical fixes), with the new features added and the older ones working better.

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