Generic HTYEG Ski Rower Trainer Gym Fitness Equipment, HTYEG2217 Review

Generic Ski Rower Trainer, HTYEG2217

Gym Fitness Equipment ski Machine

The generic model HTYEG Ski Rower (HTYEG2217) that we’re reviewing on this page is a gym fitness equipment, ski rower, and trainer for unisex adult use- by the younger and older men and women at different levels, with a solid and durable construction and a sleek and modern design. 

It comes with the 10 resistance levels that you can adjust manually with the magnetic and fan control dual system. It responds well each time you pull down and you’re in control of the process. The airflow in the flywheel can be adjusted quickly through the screw damper to adjust the feeling of each pull down, depending on different workout preferences or needs like climbing skiing or plain skiing. 

The PM5 capability monitor functions with a modern technology but is easy to operate for you to evaluate the workout data and achievement on the monitor. And you are able to compare your workout progress with other people. PM5 monitor comes with the ANT+ wireless and Bluetooth connectivity and can be connected to different fitness apps, devices and heart belts. And you can use the third party apps for extra functionality that could get you more motivated. 

It has an ergonomic handle for a stable and comfy grip without sweat or moisture even when you do your intense workouts. No adjustment is needed as it is good for use by people with different sized and shaped hands. It has a black board/base that you stand on during your workout sessions. It weighs 38kg and measures 1300 x 600 x 2140mm and the maximum total weight is 180kg (almost 400 pounds). In the box you’ll find theGym Fitness Equipment ski Machine Features multifunctional steel home gym with the black base, flywheel, LCD display and stack machine.

It is originally created for the training of the cross country skiers and can work your arms, core section- abdominals and legs in a consistently smooth motion. Athletes at all levels can use it comfortably and anyone at any age and fitness level can benefit from it for building endurance and strength. If you have had certain injuries or have mobility issues it can offer you a safe total cardio workout. You can train your upper body and abs seated on a wheelchair, stool or chair. It is built tough and durable and can withstand heavy use every day at homes or in gym settings. It first became available at on April 18, 2022 and is currently listed in the top 150 best selling home gym systems. 

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