GOROWINGO Water Rower Wooden Indoor Pro Rowing Machine with LCD Monitor Review

GOROWINGO Water Rower Wooden Pro Rowing Machine

GOROWINGO Water Rower Pro Indoor Rowing Machine

GOROWINGO Water Rower is a modern pro grade wooden rowing machine for indoor home use with a smart digital LCD display monitor for a whole body workout in the comfort of your home, whenever you want or need. It is rated 5 out of 5 stars by 5 customers at the moment, but it is only a very recent release product.

This professional grade wooden water rower offers a much more realistic rowing experience with the zero noise water resistance as compared to the rowers that use wind resistance. You’ll only hear the nice water sound on the Gorowingo Water Rower. It is made of the best Chile pine wood rather than aluminum or steel that are common to most rowing machines on the market. The whole thing with the wooden structure and the water tank will feel like being in the nature.

You will not easily get tired sitting on the 3D ergonomic seat cushion and exercising for longer periods of time and burning more calories. It has the tail recess that fits your tail vertebrae and helps with an impact resistant and comfy experience. You’ll find the double track eight axis movement track that helps the seat glide very smoothly and quietly on the high quality wooden track, imitating the real water rower track with the muted vibration and the precise leveling. With the dual track it is definitely more stable than the single track rowers.

The total maximum user weight capacity is specified as 265 pounds on this sturdy and stable rowing machine. You have the wear-resistant and anti-sweat ergonomic handle and the anti-slip and adjustable foot pedals with the dual layer polyethylene fiber straps that are good for different feet sizes. These straps are very solid and they can withstand millions of stretches according to the tests in the most demanding workouts. It has the large solid transport wheels to relocate it to a convenient corner to store in an upright position in just a 2.5 sq. ft. space as it measures 18.9L x 18.9W x 76.8H inches as stored.

The LCD digital monitor is easy to operate with a single button instead of a few buttons on some other fitness machines. You have the indicators of actual mileage and target mileage on the left hand side and the calories burned, tempo, time/500M and time on the right hand side. This smart digital display will give you the GOROWINGO Water Rower LCD Displayopportunity to track all your important fitness data and help you stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals in a shorter period of time. The assembly of this rowing machine is not hard with the tools and the instructions on paper and video format included in the package.

The LCD monitor needs two size D batteries that are not included in the box. For more resistance you can fill the reservoir with water and it is easy to do with the included syphon pump. The more water you put in the more resistance you will get and you’ll find the recommended levels on the water tank. This rowing machine gets most (84 percent) of your major muscles involved, including your shoulders, chest, arms, legs, core section and back. This no-load bearing and no impact workout is great for people with the joint issues. There won’t be any balance problems, as you will feel balanced and stable the whole time and you can focus on your workout.

Wooden Growing Water Rower weighs 55 pounds and measures 76.8L x 18.9W x 18.9H inches overall. The polycarbonate tank it comes with is made of the aviation grade materials with much better impact, high temperature and corrosion resistance and with light transmission. The water inside stays fresh and will not go off for quite some time. You are only recommended to change the water every 4 months or so. In the box you will find the water rower, a user manual, tools and instructions and a video and an electric syphon pump. It is offered with a hundred percent risk-free satisfaction guarantee so you can feel confident when purchasing it. It is a very high quality water rower that is built very sturdy and runs quietly and smoothly. We are happy to recommend it to those with the budget.

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