ShareVgo Smart Rower Folding Magnetic Rowing Machine, SRM1000 Review

ShareVgo Smart Folding Magnetic Rower, SRM1000 

ShareVgo Smart Rower Folding Magnetic SRM1000

ShareVgo Smart SRM1000 is a recent release connected magnetic home  rowing machine with smart features and a conveniently foldable design. The smart functions of this rower are created and tested in house in Silicon Valley, Cali.

With the Bluetooth connection you can download the ShareVgo Fitness app free of charge on your Android or iOS (synchronize with Apple Health) device via Google Play or App Store and track your performance and stay motivated throughout your workout an after.  It logs your exercise data like the stroke per minute and 500m split time and lets you see your performance on the smart intuitive panel.

This is quite a fun rower to use and offers an efficient way of burning calories and getting in shape. It has a small Bluetooth LCD display and a large tablet holder. You can put your tablet on the large tablet holder and be entertained during your session and go for longer. It comes with a large comfy seat and anti-slip foot pedals for your comfort and safety. The seat moves smoothly on the 48” very long slide rail and without making any noise. There are 6 preset distance based goals and challenges for 60min, 30 min, 5 min, 10km, 2km and 500m.

You will stay motivated by competing with people in the community and seeing your rank among these users and what you achieved. You can share your accomplishments with your friends or other family members. The Bluetooth LCD display shows the distance traveled, time exercised, count and total count, BMI and Scan. Each time you pull the foam grip handle and do a proper stroke, it is counted as a count. You’ll see an accurate calculation of the calories burned as you put your gender, age, weight, resistance level and the rowing split on the application.

ShareVgo Smart SRM1000 has a convenient foldable design and can be stored in an upright position without occupying much space. It can carry up to a total user weight of roughly 300 pounds and will accommodate people of all heights on its extra long and robust rail. You have 8 magnetic resistance levels for ShareVgo Smart Rowing Machine Folding Magnetic SRM1000people at different ages and fitness levels and with different goals for a low-impact indoor workout. You do not have to pay for any additional fees for third party apps, like on some expensive rowing machines on the market.

You can register easily and smoothly by using the QR code. There are split graphs for logging the workout data and you can visualize your performance during your session. The LCD display works on two AAA batteries that are included in the package. This ShareVgo Smart Rower is promoted as a tech revolution with its Bluetooth Smart technology along with an innovative software. This premium quality rower has a fair price- is relatively affordable and includes the hardware and software as a smart connected fitness solution. They promise great customer service if and when you need assistance.

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