GYMAX 132lb. Barbell Weight Set with Star-Locks & 8 Plates Review

GYMAX 132lb. Barbell Weight Set with 8 Plates

GYMAX Barbell Weight Set

Black and silver GYMAX 132 lb. Barbell Weight Set is a resistance training- weight lifting barbell kit that includes 8  weight plates, 2 steel star locked collars, a non-slip barbell that is made of anti-rust steel for a daily whole body workout in your home gym or wherever you want.

High quality steel is used on the solid and durable Gymax barbell rod and can carry total weight of up to 220 pounds. And with the anti-rust paint applied on the barbell, rusting and corrosion or rusting is prevented and it will last you a lot longer. For stability, the two star locked collars included in the set ensures the weight plates stay in place no matter what. So you don’t worry about the weight plates sliding and falling off and you can feel safe during your workout session.

The GYMAX Barbell Set includes a total of 8 weight plates- 4 x 22 lb (10kg) , 2 x 11lb (5kg) and 2 x 4.4lb (2kg) to give you different choices and intensities for different exercises. You can work on multiple muscle groups, on your back, chest- pecs, shoulders, arms- triceps and biceps, abdominals and legs (squats). It is a user-friendly weights set that is easy to assemble and disassemble, offering you easy storage. The barbell is of three pieces that you need to attach together before use. To adjust or change the weights on the barbell you just turn the star shaped collar.

It has a heavy duty construction, high weight capacity and you can certainly feel safe during your weights training. The different weights on the plates from 4.4lb. to 22lb. give you flexibility and make this set suitable for people at different workout experiences, from beginner to advanced. You can use the GYMAX Barbell Weight Set, 132 LBSincluded user manual if you have any questions for assembly or using the product. The rod is made of durable steel and the plates are propene polymer. The steel barbell (tubular rod) is 65mm (2.56”) long and has a 25mm (0.98”) diameter. 

If you prefer a single solid barbell, the one included in this set comes in three pieces. The rubber coating on the plates is good for not damaging your floors and there won’t be any rusting because of humidity etc. Please note that the negative reviews at the Amazon product page are to do with the harder assembly of the barbell, and not the product itself. They will be packaged and shipped well and will arrive at your address on time. You can use it at home, in the garage in the office or wherever you want. For the low price point you can’t really beat the weight plates and the solid barbell on this set.

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