HARISON 1160 Elliptical Cross Trainer, Electromagnetic Resistance Review

Harison 1160 Elliptical Cross Trainer

HARISON Elliptical Trainer

Grey Harison 1160 is a mid-2017 release commercial grade elliptical trainer for home use, with 32 levels of electromagnetic resistance for a wide range of challenge and intensity. You can adjust the resistance via the dial in the middle of the panel just below the simple and streamlined LCD display that is easy to read.

This 5.5-inch smart blue LED-backlit multi-function display panel shows the usual indicators for you to track your important data and keep motivated: Speed, calories, distance, time and pulse rate as well as the heart rate recovery, body fat rate, start/stop, reset, resistance and 12 groups of preset fitness programs.

Harison 1160 Elliptical Trainer weighs 127 pounds and measures 54.5′ x 15′ x 28.5′ inches. The thick and large 1.5” x 0.65” footplates are properly cushioned for proper support to your legs, joints, and knees. There is a convenient water bottle holder in the middle for you to stay hydrated and an iPad holder just below the display panel for your entertainment. It has a multi-grip ergonomic handle that offers different holding positions for your comfort.

Harison Elliptical has a decent 20 lb. flywheel and a high-speed drive that let you exercise smoothly and quietly with 16.5 inches of stride. It runs quietly at a noise level of fewer than 30 decibels thanks to the friction-less electromagnetic resistance. You’ll feel like you have a one-on-one personal trainer with the 12 groups of preset fitness programs with varying intensities for an easier training that will give you better results in a shorter time.

HARISON Elliptical Trainer LCD Display

The advantage of using a cross trainer rather than a bike or treadmill is that you will be working your upper body as well as your core and lower body muscles. You’ll also be having more fun while burning calories and fat and getting your body in shape, strengthen your leg muscles, enhance your lung and heart capacity.

Harison Cross Trainer is a heavy product with a sturdy steel frame that is hard to lift but you can relocate it from room to room on its transport wheels. Adults between the heights of 4’6” and 6’6” and with a maximum weight of roughly 280 pounds can use it comfortably. You can choose to keep in your usual workout area in your living room or move it away to a convenient corner if you don’t want to see it around.

You want your heart rate to be higher than normal to be able to burn extra calories and fat, and you want this to be steady and as long as you can handle. Please note that (as in the case of all elliptical trainers) you can’t adjust the footplates other than tilting slightly to the front. There is a power adapter in the box, which you’ll need for the display panel and resistance etc. It offers decent value overall, in terms of sturdy construction, ergonomic design, comfort, functionality, ease of use and more. You’ll get a warranty of three years for the structural frame and one year for the other components and parts by the manufacturer.

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