HITOSPORT S701 Indoor Stationary Bike with 35lb. Flywheel Review

HITOSPORT S701 Indoor Stationary Bike

HITOSPORT Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike S701

HITOSPORT S701 Indoor Stationary Bike is designed for a great cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your home, with its nicely padded saddle, friction mechanism and large iPad holder. It is great for indoor cardio workout as it allows you to burn more calories and fat in less time, train your legs and abdominals and improve your health overall.

The silent belt drive and large 35lbs. chromed flywheel ensure smooth and quiet operation. This robust indoor stationary bike has an AV type alloy steel frame with a 50mm thickened frame tube with an updated maximum total user weight capacity of 330 pounds. The anti-slip handles are adjustable for height- up and down between 39.3 and 43.3 inches and the padded seat 4 ways- up and down between 31.8 and 38.1 inches and forward and back. Taller and shorter adults can use it comfortably without any problems.

There is a tension knob in the center that you can turn left to reduce resistance and turn right to increase resistance for different levels of difficulty and challenge. You can have a great riding experience with the adjustable resistance. It actually simulates the real road riding experience and customize it according to your level of fitness. And you can use the same knob to stop the flywheel immediately by pressing it down. The bike is kept steady and riding safely with the momentum of the heavy flywheel.

The LCD monitor shows the calories burned, distance traveled in miles, current speed, rpm, ODOmeter and heart rate via the handle sensors. There is a good size iPad holder that you can use for putting your tablet or smartphone for some entertainment to distract you during your workout session. You’ll get to pedal smoothlyHITOSPORT Indoor Stationary Bike S701 and quietly without disturbing people in your house. And you can burn calories and fat in the comfort of your home and feel safe and stable while doing it with its larger than average flywheel that is made of heavy steel.

You need to tighten the left pedal counterclockwise and the right pedal clockwise. These bikes go through many tests before going out on the market. The tough cage pedals will keep your feet safe and comfortable during your workout session as your feet are prevented from slipping and offer support when you’re pedaling. This bike was first available at Amazon.com on May 8, 2021 and there aren’t any customer reviews on the day of this post release. This stationary bike is suitable for use by the different members of your family, younger and older people at different fitness levels.

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