iDeer Indoor Exercise Bike AUS0902 Review

iDeer Indoor Exercise Bike, AUS0902

iDeer Indoor Exercise Bike

iDeer AUS0902 is a belt-driven indoor exercise bike with a decent size flywheel, a modern design and user-friendly features for indoor home or office use. It is quite a stable and sturdy product with a heavy-duty steel frame, crank and a solid 24.23 lb. flywheel.

It is a very new release bike and there aren’t many reviews online yet. You can choose to get it in either black (AUS09022)or white (AUS09021) and they have the same price tag on the day of this product review. It comes with a small multi-functional and flexible LCD display panel with the indicators like calories burnt, distance, time, speed, rpm, scan to move between these stats and pulse rate that is connected to the heart rate sensors on both handles.

It weighs 57.32 pounds and measures 53.15 x 21.65 x 45.27 inches, includes transport wheels at the front and you can simply tilt and roll it effortlessly without needing to do any heavy lifting. iDeer Exercise Bike runs quietly and smoothly and you can benefit from different levels of resistance and challenge thanks to the smooth belt drive and a robust flywheel. As a belt driven bike, it certainly runs quieter than chain-driven bikes.

You can read a book, watch a show on TV or listen to your favorite songs while exercising in the comfort of your home without disturbing anyone. With an upgraded resistance system it offers quite a realistic experience and will feel like being on an actual road. You can adjust the level of difficulty with the integrated tension knob that also works as the push-down emergency brake that will help stop the bike immediately.

iDeer Indoor Exercise Cycling Bike

Both the handlebar and the seat are adjustable vertically and horizontally- forward and backward and up and down. So different users at different heights can use it comfortably, especially over longer time periods. You can move the handle up and down for different positions of the hand grip and enjoy a more intense session.

The seat is reported to be very comfortable for longer workouts without needing any seat covers. And the handle is also foam padded for your comfort during your workout. This bike allows you to ride both sitting or standing. By purchasing a solid and functional iDeer Bike you don’t have to pay for expensive gym memberships or make time for getting to and from the gym with your busy schedule if you’re just aiming to lose calories or fat. It is suitable for use by both beginners and advanced users for warming up before their main workout.

It will also help strengthen your leg muscles and even work on your core section- abdominals. It can help you relax, reduce stress, increase metabolism and blood circulation, increase your energy levels, productivity at work or home and improve your overall health. In the package, you’ll find the iDeer Bike, small LCD display, a plastic foot set, a user manual for operation and instructions for assembly and tools. The delivery is very fast via and the customer service is pretty good if you need any assistance. You’ll get all the tools you need in the box and the duration of the assembly will depend on your skills, but id often less than an hour.

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