IPO Smart Walk Ultra Slim Folding Treadmill Review

IPO Smart Walk Ultra Slim Folding Treadmill

I-po Treadmill Smart Walk Slim Tread Folding

IPO Smart Walk is a high-tech treadmill with the breakthrough intelligent speed control mechanism and a 0.5hp motor, for both walking and running. This is not a cheap treadmill but you’re getting a commercial grade unit with a smart technology and unique design.

You have two color options of gray and pink with a 160-dollar price difference at the time of this review. What the very special “Intelligent Speed Control” technology means is the speed is automatically adjusted by the human movement trajectory. You do not need to press any buttons like you would on the conventional treadmills, so there is no need for an extra operation.

IPO Smart Walk has a space saving design and comes with magnetic wall stickers for you to lean it against the wall. Being made of a composite material it weighs only 63.9 pounds, which is about a quarter of a similar capacity traditional treadmill and measures 57 x 26 x 3.5 inches. And with a convenient pulley design, you can move it easily and use it on different floors-wood, ties, concrete and floor mats.

With the intelligent human-body infrared induction start-up and speed, control design subverts the conventional treadmill designs. You just need to step on it after you plug it in and walk three steps and it starts automatically. It has quite a slim and simplistic, yet modern and high-tech design that reminds us of the latest mobile phone designs won it the German Red Dot Design Award.

Despite having an ultra slim and space-saving design it has a fairly large running belt that measures 47 x 18 inches. It has the double speed mode and the speed will be automatically adjusted depending on where the handle is located. You can reach a maximum speed of 3.73 mph when you foldI-po Treadmill Smart Walk Slim Treadmill the handle and up to 4.97 mph (8km/h) if you lift it up. The lowest speed is 0.37 mph and as you run faster you’ll probably need to hold the hydraulic handrail that folds and lifts automatically.

To keep the constant speed just try and walk, jog or run in the middle of the treadmill belt. The modern green LED-backlit display panel shows the number of steps, distance traveled and time exercised. You can put it on a wall with the magnetic stickers on the wall or store it under the bed or sofa as it measures just 1.85 inches. Magnets are located at the rear foot guard.

The treadmill belt is basically made of three sections: Front, middle and back. Walking at the front will speed it up until you reach the maximum- depending on whether the handle is lifted or not. The middle section is for maintaining the same speed. And if you move to the slow-down area at the back and walk there for five seconds it will stop automatically. The maximum user weight this slim design modern treadmill can carry is 220 pounds or roughly 100kg.

With an aerospace aluminum alloy material, it is more resistant to impact than the regular steel. And it offers better protection against any potential injuries on your knees or joints. It is smart and convenient, easy to move around and runs quietly and you can comfortably use it at home or in the office. You can expect a great overall experience with the smart and modern IPO Smart Walk Treadmill. You won’t need to assemble anything as it is a simple plug and play type unit.

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