Lebert Fitness Equalizer Parallettes Gymnastic Bars Review

Lebert Fitness Equalizer Parallettes Gymnastic Bars via Amazon

Lebert Fitness Equalizer Parallettes gymnastics bars

Lebert Fitness Equalizer Total Body Strengthener is a set of two portable and versatile parallel fitness bars- an all-in-one strength training equipment with a rather simplistic design but promising great results on your whole body with the flexibility to workout anywhere, offered in two types and both with exactly the same features and benefits: The black colour XL model is 3 inches taller (for use by people that are taller than 6 feet but most people will be better off with the taller XL bars) than the standard Lebert Equaliser offered in lime green, yellow or pink with a 20 dollar price difference on the day of this review. In the box you’ll get a set of two Lebert equalisers and an instructional DVD for the right technique of the main exercises, which is especially useful for beginners and most of these exercises are easy to learn. Each original equaliser bar is 28.5 x 25 inches and weighs 8 pounds with a maximum user weight capacity of 400 pounds and the black XL Lebert is 32 x 25 inches in size, weighs 9 pounds and the same weight capacity of 400 pounds. So they are both lightweight and relatively compact, they won’t take up much space and are easy to be carried around and stored by being stacked together. You’ll get a set of parallel bars in the box but they won’t be assembled so you need to do it (which is very easy by the way) according to instructions using the allen wrench provided.

Lebert Fitness Equalizer Parallel Bars

Although Lebert Equaliser Bars are well built, solid and stable, being light in weight you are better off using them on flat smooth surfaces as they can tip otherwise but if they were as heavy and bulky as some of the bars you may see at gyms they would be fixed in place and not as flexible. You will be burning calories and fat and build muscles while strengthening your core by only using your body weight. As a premium and functional, very well built set of parallel bars at just the right height, with perfect grips and thickness it lets you do many different exercises for different parts of your body and by changing them according to your level of fitness. Yes this is a great value product at a very reasonable price (as compared to many parallel bars costing a few hundred dollars) that people at different fitness levels can easily use and for different purposes like lean muscle building, fat loss and athletic performance improvement but it doesn’t mean this set will be right for everyone. Some of the main exercises you can do with it include rows, dips, leg raises, knee raises, hand balances, lunges, squats, jumps and shuffles- upper body, core, lower body, stretching and agility and they are a lot of fun to use, you won’t be likely to get bored with the number of exercises you can do. Lebert Fitness Equaliser is the most popular set of parallel fitness bars on the market, being durable, versatile and compact, is often shipped very fast, comes with one year warranty and great customer support by Marc Lebert’s team.

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