Lifepro Infinity Box (Plus) Home Gym Portable Strength Training Equipment Review

Lifepro Infinity Box Plus Home Gym

Lifepro Home Gym Portable Equipment

Lifepro Infinity Box Plus Home Gym is a portable all-in-one resistance training equipment with a push up board for back, abdominal and other workouts in the comfort of your home or wherever you wish to use it on the go. The average user rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars by 56 customers at the time of this post release. 

You have two versions to choose from, 12 Push-up (Infinity Box Plus) and 7 Push-up (Infinity Box) with a ten dollars price difference at the moment. Please check the Amazon product page for the prices at the time and whether they’re available. This all-in-one portable home gym workout equipment with different accessories lets you train different parts of your body for strength and endurance training with more than 15 effective exercises on the user manual provided and many more on the free online library. 

It comes with a comfortable exercise mat, a versatile training base, removable push up handles, an ergonomic collapsible barbell and the resistance bands with handles. For the ab training and core stability you attach the ab wheels to the barbell and the barbell to the base with the resistance bands. You’ll get two 28” and two 48” resistance bands included in the package. It allows you to customise your workout with the different set-up variations and 10 different push up handle configurations for training different muscle groups on your upper body at different levels of difficulty. 

You can work out and build strength wherever and whenever thanks to its conveniently foldable and portable design and the included carrying case. The workout accessories included with this equipment are compact, portable and easy to set up for a great whole body training. The base weighs 13 pounds and measures 17.2 x 36.2 x 2 inches and has a maximum total user weight capacity of 265 pounds. You can use this base for doing your push ups or just stand notLifepro Home Gym Portable Equipment Strength Training it when you’re performing other exercises. Whether you want to train your core section, back, arms, legs, chest or shoulders, do high interval intensity or resistance training you can conveniently use the Infinity Box Plus.

You can easily fit it in your closet or under the bed when you want to store it or in the trunk of your car when you’re traveling. You can have a peace of mind as this home gym equipment goes through thorough inspection and tests before going out on the market. And it is offered with a lifetime customer support and you’ll get live support from their representatives. It is a rather cost effective all in one home gym equipment with a great overall user experience. It comes with an exercise mat that you can put under the base for feeling safe and stable during your workout session or as a cushion when you do your floor exercises. April 29, 2021 is the date it was first available at and is currently listed as the 29th best selling home gym system. 

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