LIVIVOX Walking Pad, Max 2.5 HP 265LBS Capacity Portable Under Desk Treadmill Review

LIVIVOX Walking Pad, Max 2.5 HP 265LBS Capacity Portable Under Desk Treadmill

LIVIVOX Walking Pad,Max 2.5 HP Portable Under Desk Treadmill,265LBS Capacity

The LIVIVOX Walking Pad seems to offer a simple and efficient way to maintain physical activity levels without having to leave the comforts of your home or office. This review will examine the LIVIVOX Walking Pad, highlighting its many features, performance capabilities, and user feedback.

Those looking for a lightweight, user-friendly treadmill for everyday workouts may find the LIVIVOX Walking Pad ideal. This lightweight yet durable alternative is appropriate for a variety of locations, measuring 49″D x 24.9″ W x 6.5″H, and weighing only 44 pounds.

Design and Construction

The LIVIVOX Walking Pad is made of a sturdy blend of materials such as ABS, carbon steel, iron, alloy steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel. Its elegant black style fits in perfectly with contemporary office or home décor, adding a sense of refinement to any setting.

Performance and Features

Quiet Motor and Smooth Operation

The LIVIVOX Walking Pad’s 2.5 HP quiet motor offers a smooth and noiseless operation, enabling users to work out without upsetting those around them. The 4 RPM maximum speed gives users the freedom to jog or stroll at their own pace.

LED Display and Remote Control

With the LED display, users can easily measure their progress in real-time by monitoring important metrics, including distance traveled, time, pace, and calories burned. During exercise, the remote control feature makes it simple to change the speed, which improves user convenience and accessibility.

Superior Comfort and Safety

LIVIVOX Walking Pad, Max 2.5 HP Portable Under Desk Treadmill,265LBS Capacity Functions

The LIVIVOX Walking Pad lowers the possibility of accidents or injuries by providing a safe and secure walking or jogging experience with its non-slip tread surface. The cushioning pads provide superior knee and ankle support, enhancing comfort through long workouts.


  • Portability and ease of use
  • Quiet motor for noise-free operation
  • Remote control and LED display for simple monitoring and adjusting
  • Superior comfort and safety features
  • Positive user feedback and reasonable price point


  • A restricted top speed might not be appropriate for experienced runners.
  • Lack of choices for inclining the workout to different intensities

For those looking for a reliable treadmill for regular workouts, the LIVIVOX Walking Pad is a great option because it blends comfort, convenience, and practicality. It provides a useful exercise option for people of all ages and fitness levels because of its sturdy build and user-friendly features.

User Feedback

Positive Feedback from Customers: The LIVIVOX Walking Pad has received praise from customers for its price, robustness, and simplicity of use. The installation-free design, which enables users to begin exercising right away after delivery, is highly appreciated by many users. Users of all sizes can benefit from the treadmill’s stability and 265-pound weight maximum, which guarantees a safe and comfortable workout.


To sum up, the LIVIVOX Walking Pad is a great option for anyone looking for a lightweight and effective treadmill for usage at home or at work. It provides a good answer for maintaining health and fitness in the face of hectic lifestyles due to its advanced functions, sleek design, and positive user feedback. Anybody prioritizing their fitness objectives should consider investing in the LIVIVOX Walking Pad as it delivers on its promises to improve cardiovascular health, build muscle strength, and reduce weight.

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