Lovinland WPO1H Electric Portable Treadmill Review

Lovinland WPO1H Electric Portable Treadmill 

Lovinland Electric Treadmill Portable Professional

Lovinland Electric Treadmill is currently one of the better selling new release fitness treadmills on Amazon.com because of the good value it offers. It is a portable treadmill with a foldable design for indoor home use.

There aren’t many customer reviews out yet but the rating at the time of this product review is 4.6/5 stars for all three models, which shows a good deal of customer satisfaction. It has been only a couple of months since it first came out on the market. You have the 1100 watt power version and two different 500-watt models which are a little cheaper according to the product page on Amazon.

They have a durable steel frame with a 220 lb. maximum user weight capacity. So you can feel safe on them and walk or jog comfortably. You shouldn’t have any durability concerns as it was built with good quality components and commercial grade steel. You have the handles with an ergonomic design and a comfy grip and you can hold them for support during your exercise session or in case of a fall. You can also make use of the red clip in the middle in case of an emergency.

Please just attach the red cord to your t-shirt so if you drift back by accident the treadmill will stop automatically. The running belt measures 13.39 x 39.37 inches, which is fine for the compact size and the budget price level of this electric treadmill. Don’t expect the different layers on the running belt to help reduce the impact on your joints but it is reported to be good enough for the price point. There is an LED display panel with the indicators of speed, distance, calories and time. But there is no pulse rate indicator and no sensors on the handles.

Lovinland Electric Treadmill Folding Portable Professional

Black and grey Lovinland WPO1H weighs 62.83 pounds and measures 48.42 x 23.22 x 44.68 inches, is rather lightweight and compact- can fit in a small room and can be folded up easily for relocation and storage on its wheels.

You can actually take off the display panel and the handles and put your desk on top of it and exercise while you’re working on your computer. This means you can keep active all day long without having to dedicate time to your daily exercise. Lovinland Treadmill is an imported product but stocked in the US and the shipping is via Amazon.com. In the package you have the treadmill, and what you need for the assembly.

According to the customers that purchased the product there were no instructions included in the box but the assembly is quite easy. It is offered with a decent warranty and you need to contact the seller for the exact information and they’re available for any type of customer support issues you may have. The metals around the wheels hang actually pretty low as compared to the wheels themselves. And you may need to be careful when you’re relocating the treadmill as you can scratch the floors. If the treadmill doesn’t work after you assemble it, please make sure you have the red safety clip on, then it will turn on. It is quite easy to operate once you start using it and does the job very well for a low price treadmill.

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