Low Impact Foldaway Air Strider Hammacher Schlemmer Review

Hammacher Schlemmer Air Strider via Amazon

Low Impact Foldaway Air Strider Hammacher Schlemmer

The Low Impact Foldaway Air Strider is a great solid cardiovascular exercise unit that is great for both your upper and lower body and easy on your ligaments and joints by Hammacher Schlemmer and as the name suggests it has a foldable design for easy and convenient storage- folds into about half the normal size without requiring removal of any parts so you can easily put it in your closet or under your bed. Your movements forward and backward will be very smooth and natural with the handlebars and anti-slip pedals going back and forth. Air Strider weighs 44 pounds (is lightweight, carries a maximum user weight of 225 pounds) and measures 58 x 20.5 x 26.5 inches and although not requiring a lot of space the size drops down to 48 x 16.5 x 17 inches as folded. It is super simple to set up in just 10-15 minutes with minimal assembly required, also with the instructions provided. Standard fitness equipments require a lot more space than the Strider even when not in use and some of them actually cause discomfort on joints during your exercise sessions. It works rather quietly so you can listen to music or watch TV while you’re working out.

Hammacher Schlemmer Low Impact Foldaway Air Strider

The original price for the brand new version of the Air Strider is not cheap and is made of great quality components including a very solid and durable steel frame along with textured anti-slip pedals and handles for stability when you’re working out. It includes an informative and easy to read LCD panel that works with AA batteries (provided) that shows your workout statistics including calories burned, number of steps, time exercised, calories burned and heart rate through the information it gets from the pulse sensors on handlebars. It is a very well balanced unit and there is no electricity, no plugs and no motors for it to operate and as it is powered by your own body- hands and legs, you may go as slow or as fast as you want- it will not be a super challenging exercise but will still work your lower and upper body nicely, especially if you don’t like going for walks or jogging if you have a busy schedule or is cold outside. Hammacher Schlemmer Strider is not for professional athletes for practice purposes but great for anyone else wanting to burn calories, lose weight, stay fit and in shape. It is just really convenient to have it nearby to hop on when you want a quick low impact workout.

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