Kendal Whole Body Vibration Plate FM9801W Review

Kendal FM9801W Whole Body Vibration Plate via Amazon

Kendal Whole Body Vibration Plate FM9801W

Kendal FM9801W is a whole body vibration plate with 30 adjustable levels of vertical and triangular vibration, that is designed to be used regularly- a few times a week of just ten minutes each day for improving blood flow, burning fat, losing weight, shaping your body, increasing flexibility, improving balance and coordination, getting stronger and recovering faster after exercise sessions. These are the fitness and weight loss benefits and it has certain general health benefits such as preventing sleep problems, maintaining bone density, reducing back pain, enhancing blood circulation, detoxifying immune system, relieving fatigue, enhancing metabolism (hence the increased fat burning), stimulating healthy brain function and feeling better overall (mental and psychological relief). Kendal Vibration Plate weighs 35 pounds and measure 30.5 x 17 x 6 inches- is quite compact in size, can carry even very heavy adults up to 330 pounds of weight. Although it won’t take up much space and can fit pretty much anywhere, you can move it easily with the rubber transport wheels that roll quietly and with no damage to your floor.

Kendal FM9801W Whole Body Vibration Plate

Kendal has a timer for 1 to 10 minutes on the little display panel at the top of the panel, a manual mode and 3 integrated auto modes. It is a powerful vibration platform with a 180 watt motor (and 110V-120V 60Hz), stays stable on the floor while it is in operation, thanks to the four anti-slip sucker feet underneath and is built as a stable and durable unit anyway. With the two elastic straps provided it allows you to work different parts of your upper body. When you sit, stand or lie on the vibration plate it will send energy to your body with vibrations of different intensity and your muscles will contract and relax hundreds of times a minute. According to the manufacturer, spending only 10 minutes on this vibration machine is equal to an hour of a regular exercise session. Like with any vibration trainer, those with cardiovascular condition or joint problems should seek advice from health professionals. Considering how expensive vibration machines can be, this one has a relatively low price tag and appears to be pretty good value. As a CE certified unit it conforms to the European Union regulations and comes with a 12 month warranty. It would be best to do your research on vibration machines online and seek advice from a medical professional if you have heart or joint related problems. Please note that vibration therapies are commonly used at health facilities and pro sports teams in US.

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