Marcypro Dual Action Cross Training Recumbent Bike with Arm Exercisers, JX-7301 Review

Marcypro Dual Action Cross Training Recumbent Bike

Marcypro JX-7301 Dual Action Cross Training Recumbent

Marcypro JX-7301 is a cross trainer and recumbent bike with the arm handles that you can hold when you want to train your upper body at the same time. As a very recent release dual action fitness equipment that first became available at there is currently a single 5-star rating and review.

You can get a whole body workout that covers your lower body and upper body muscles by cycling and using the arm exercisers. By only cycling the focus will be on your legs and by also holding the arm handles you will work on your upper body as well. It has an ergonomic design and you can feel comfortable sitting on its large, very dense foam padded seat that measures 11″ x 15″ with the big backrest with the same foam padding. The padded back will help decrease the strain on your back and you can work out longer.

MarcyPro Dual Action Bike comes with an easy to read LCD-backlit monitor that tells you the distance traveled, current speed, time exercised, calories burned and ODOmeter since the first use of this bike. You will be able to achieve results faster by keeping track of your progress on this LCD display. Black Marcypro Cross Trainer weighs 88 pounds and measures 60L x 16W x 39H inches and can carry a total of 300 pounds on its 14-gauge alloy steel frame with the powder coating. And it should last you a long time even with your intense daily workout sessions.

Marcypro JX-7301 Dual Action Cross Training Recumbent Bike LCD Display

Just like on an elliptical trainer, the handlebars move back and forth and you can burn more calories and fat, getting different muscles in your body involved. You can adjust the recumbent bike seat for your comfort level and will fit people between the heights of 5’8″ and 6’5″. There is a sliding track for adjusting the seat up and down smoothly and easily. You will feel comfortable on your long bike rides on the very dense foam padded seat with the backrest.

MarcyPro Dual Action Bike is suitable for use by the fitness enthusiasts at different fitness levels and ages. It comes with the 8 preset levels of magnetic resistance for different difficulty levels and feel the effects of cycling in different terrains. There is a water bottle holder just below the LCD display to help you stay hydrated during your workout session. It is made in China like most fitness equipment and other products these days, but it is quite a good quality product with a sleek, modern and ergonomic design and at a reasonable price. It is shipped swiftly via in decent packaging with pieces and parts from a warehouse in the US. You can assemble it within just 1.5 hours with the instructions and tools included. It will be faster with a wrench and if you follow the instructions carefully.

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