MaxKare Air Rower with Dual Belt Dynamic Air Resistance Review

MaxKare Air Rower with Dual Belt Dynamic Air Resistance

MaxKare Air Rower

MaxKare Air Rower is a hot new release, sleek and modern rowing machine with a twin drive belt dynamic air resistance and LCD display panel. It is designed for home or personal use and not for gym use.

It has an average customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars by 5 people on the day of this review. And we will see what the pros and cons are for these users that purchased the MaxKare Air Rower. You’ll experience very strong air resistance with the twin drive belt system for more exercise challenge when you want. The more you pull the handle the more resistance you’ll feel.

The robust and durable steel frame with a triangular structure can carry a maximum total user weight of 300 pounds. The 264 lb. user weight capacity specified is a conservative limit. It weighs 58.5 pounds, measures 71.3L x 20.1W x 14.2H inches and has a maximum user inseam of 41.3 inches. You can be certain of the sturdy construction and the stability of this rowing machine and feel safe on it during your exercise session.

The digital LCD-backlit display panel shows the calories burned, distance traveled, time exercised, count, total count and scan that makes the display move between each of these parameters without you needing to press anything. There is even a tablet holder for entertainment or a bit of distraction during your exercise session. And you can listen to music or watch videos when you work out, get distracted and burn more calories.

MaxKare Air Rower has a conveniently foldable and compact design to save you on space in your home gym or living room. It measures 40.5 x 19.7 x 42.1 inches as folded. And you can move it anywhere easily on its transport wheels by holding the pulley provided. You’ll feel a nice soft breeze at your each stroke. You can make use of the great full body low-impact exercise on a daily basis without much burden on your joints.

It is not just about burning calories and fat either as it will also help you tone and strengthen different muscles of your body. It will effectively help you work on your shoulders, hips, lower body- leg muscles and back. We quite like the full exposure of the fan at the front as the soft winds will go in and MaxKare Air Rower caloriesout as you pull the handle. The rowing strap is sturdy and durable, being made of good quality nylon and the handle is nicely padded for your comfort.

The seat is made of poly urethane- PU and is quite comfortable. People up to 6’4″ height can use it comfortably. It has the big anti-slip footplates with the nylon foot straps to accommodate different foot sizes. The readings on the display panel are quite accurate, the distance is measured in miles, not km and what you see will be the length of the rope you’ve pulled.

The comfy seat will slide back and forth as you row. Nylon belt is easily replaceable when it wears out. It is easy to put together in just 4 easy steps and 20-25 minutes with the tools and instructions in the box. It is compact and foldable with a space saver design, lightweight yet sturdy, has a solid construction and feels very smooth to row, and is easy to use by people at different fitness levels. The company claims the total user weight capacity to be not 264 or 300 pounds, but 330 pounds. You can’t really go wrong with this air rower at the price level concerned. It offers good value for the dollar.

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