Merax 1000W Vibration Platform Fitness Crazy Fit Machine MS005406BAA Review

Merax 1000W Vibration Platform via Amazon

Merax 1000W Vibration Platform Fitness Crazy Fit Machine

Merax MS005406BAA is a mini / compact 1000 watt power vibration platform fitness machine with 99 levels of speed and triangular oscillation as the type of vibration. Many different speed levels means you have a powerful workout and stronger massage vibration at any level- you can start lower and increase by time as you get more used to it- this is a rather powerful machine unlike the cheap stuff you will find advertised online. Merax sells great quality products at reduced prices and it certainly is the case here.

Merax Vibration Platform weighs 50 pounds, measures 22 x 29 x 40 inches (the shipping package) and has the maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds. It has a very powerful 1000W eco silent drive motor (max power of 1.5 horse power) that offers a speed range of 99 speed levels, an amplitude of 0-10mm and needs 110V / 60Hz of input voltage to operate, being designed for use mainly in United States. There are a variety of reasons for different people to use vibration platforms and these include: Losing weight, improving blood circulation, state of your skin, flexibility, body density, balance and coordination, muscle strength (muscle toning and building as well), metabolism, natural collagen of the body and decrease thread veins, cellulite, natural collagen of the body, varicose vein and more importantly your levels of stress. It also comes with yoga straps to help improve your arms and upper body and with the retractable foot you may adjust the height of the device with and maintain its balance during workout or vibration.

Merax 1000W Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

Other features include the static electricity and disturbance resistance and current overload protection for security. To operate the platform just press the start (and stop) button, select your speed (best to start out at lower speed) then increase gradually using the remote control (you don’t need to kneel down to the main panel at the front while the unit is in operation) while standing on it and use for a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes at each session. One thing to keep in mind is you’re better off moving your feet outward a bit because the distance between your feet has a direct impact on how the platform will benefit you. For maintenance and to help this vibration platform last longer as well, just pull out the plug when you’re not using the machine, clean it with a soft cloth frequently, do not keep it near liquid or fire and tighten all its screws every couple of months or so. In the box you’ll find the Merax Vibration Platform, arm straps, a functional remote control and a user manual and it appears like a great value product as far as the vibration platforms go.

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