Merax 3 Modes 2000W Dual Motors Full Body Vibration Platform Review

Merax 3 Modes Dual Motors Vibration Platform

Merax 3 Modes Dual Motors Full Body Vibration Platform

Merax Full Body Vibration Platform is a powerful machine with two silent drive motors of a total of 2000 watts and 1.5 horsepower and three modes. These three modes are actually three vibration types: horizontal vibration, triangular oscillation, triangular oscillation & horizontal vibration.

With a high-power 2000 watt motor, you will easily get twice the benefits. It is designed as both a fitness machine for a passive form of exercise and a massage machine with strong massage vibration for decreasing anxiety and stress. It is claimed to be proven to burn fat and calories, enhance blood circulation and increase bone mineral density.

It can help with strengthening, toning and building muscles, increasing metabolism, weight loss, body density, relaxation and reducing cellulite and spider veins, improving your skin appearance, and balance and coordination. It comes fitted with the elastic yoga straps to help you work on your shoulders and other parts of the upper body. You can enjoy a good range of speed and three types of vibrations as well as a powerful exercise.

Merax Vibration Platform has an easy to operate panel with an LCD display and a variety of buttons including Play-Stop, Next/Fast, Power, Mode, Speed-Up, Speed-Down, Time, Function, Last/Slow and Volume. It offers 4 different preset programs with different time and speed settings and 160 levels of speed that can be adjusted through the console, thanks to the two big 1000 watt power eco silent drive motors (110V / 60Hz and 0-13 MM amplitude).

Merax 2000W 3 Modes Dual Motors Full Body Vibration Platform

It comes with security features like static electricity and disturbance resistance and current overload protection. You can adjust the platform height and keep it in balance by using the retractable foot. It is a sturdy and durable product with a maximum user weight capacity of 264 pounds. It measures 27 x 21 x 49 inches as assembled so will not take up a lot of space in your room.

It offers a passive form of exercise by which you will not need to do a lot of work but stand on it ten minutes per day. If you feel tired after work and don’t have a lot of time or energy to get to and workout at a gym, then you may want to try one of these. But you do need to eat healthy on a daily basis if you wish to see results quicker. You can use it every day without taking days off and by using it regularly you will notice a difference soon and it will make your body feel better overall- stronger and more relaxed. It runs quietly and smoothly and appears to be a good alternative to those machines with 1-2k price tags.

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