Merax Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike Review

Merax Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike via Amazon

Merax Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Merax Magnetic is a solidly built budget exercise bike with an upright design for a great low impact total body cardio workout with a robust steel frame fan design that offers you the most amount of smooth magnetic resistance so you can decide on the intensity through the adjustable tension control for easier, middle of the way and more difficult workout levels, has an integrated digital display that tracks your time, distance, calories and speed- a great detailed information on how you’re doing with your workout and also has the heart pulse sensors- hand pulse heart rate monitor that shows your value on the same display.

Maximum amount of weight it can carry is 250 pounds as it is quite well built and sturdy for the price. Best thing about it is you don’t have to leave your house to get a nice daily workout, drive to gym or pay for membership fees. It is relatively compact with a small footprint- will take up minimal space with its upright design and is easy to store away or to keep in one corner of your room. It is suitable for anyone from newbies to advanced users or even those that are in professional competitions. Merax Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is comfortable to sit on its very dense foam seat during a lengthy exercise, pedals have the safety straps and the foam covered dual action handlebars are comfy to hold as well. It is designed to not have any negative impact on your joints or knees and on the contrary low impact bike exercise is often recommended by health professionals for those with knee and hip problems.

Merax Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike White

The most significant purpose of getting this unit is no doubt weight loss, the best benefit you will get is the toning on your legs (including different muscles of your body) and even arms and this one seems to give you a very quick and effective workout that is intense but also fun and comfortable and you will be reaping great health benefits very soon. It is not a loud bike while in operation so you can listen to your music or watch TV. It has an ergonomic upright design with comfortable seat and handles and is rather easy to get on and off the bike, is easy to pedal and is nice to have different levels of resistance that actually feel different so you can do it easier or harder. Considering the low price level and the build quality, functionality, user friendliness and features this is a great value product and it comes with a 12 month frame and 90 day parts warranty by Merax.

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