Merax Pro Spin Bike Indoor Cycle Trainer 44-lb Flywheel Review

Merax Pro Spin Bike Indoor Cycle Trainer 

Merax Pro Spin Bike Indoor Cycle Trainer 44-lb Flywheel

Merax Pro is a modern and great looking spin bike for indoor cardio exercise use with a decent 44 pound balanced flywheel, a heavy duty crank and a belt drive mechanism for consistent, smooth and quiet riding without having to leave your home. It comes with a free bonus equipment mat and a water bottle holder so you don’t have to get off the bike when you’re thirsty. The brake material used on this spin bike is cow leather that ensures longer life and with the seat and handles that are completely adjustable- seat to four directions up/down and front/back and different forearm and hand positions for your comfort. Steel pedals are sturdy and safe with the toe straps and cages and your feet will not slip during your exercise. LCD display panel shows the standard indicators like calories, time, distance, speed and pulse rate. Black and red Merax Pro weighs 101.2 pounds, maximum user weight is specified as 330 pounds thanks to the heavy, thick and solid steel frame, and measures 50 x 20 x 47 inches. Thanks to the two direction pedalling you can ride the bike sitting down or standing up like you’re climbing up the hill. It doesn’t have a folding design but as a higher class bike it naturally comes with transport wheels underneath so you can move it in your house for both relocation and storage.

Merax Pro Spin Bike Indoor Cycle Trainer 44-lb

There are four anti-slip stabilisers / levellers at the bottom and you can adjust them to the right position so it feels stable. Resistance is adjustable through the tension knob for varying levels of difficulty and on this you do feel the difference between different levels. If you’re not able to get to gym all the time or due to very cold or very hot weather conditions you have to stay in most of the time or limited with time due to work and other responsibilities, you can still continue exercising, burning calories and staying fit in the comfort of your home. You will need to do some minor assembly work but as usual the manual is not so helpful but it is not hard to do and better if two people are putting it together and there will not be much need for maintenance either. If you haven’t exercised on a bike before it may take you a little time to get used to sitting on it for a while even though the sporty saddle is nicely designed on this model. Merax offers great quality products at very reasonable prices and at the price level of this bike if you look at the high end brand models you will not get much for your money and with this one you’re getting quite a bit for your money. Fit and finish, looks and build quality are great but you won’t really get the extra bells and whistles here as this is still a simple bike that does the job.

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