Alpine Deluxe Inversion Table Review

Alpine Deluxe Foldable Inversion Table 

ALPINE Inversion Table Deluxe

Black Alpine Deluxe is a budget priced, solid and durable, decent inversion table with a heavy duty and very high strength steel frame for back pain relief, chiropractic, fighting compression fatigue, enhancing blood circulation, getting rid of neck and back pain, helping with posture, increasing body flexibility, decreasing back stress, enhancing blood flow to lower spine, decompression for ab crunches and more. It accommodates people between 4’10” and 6’5” heights and weight up to 300 pounds and the supports can be adjusted quickly and conveniently with settings clearly marked, lock properly and release easily after your inversion session. It measures 58 x 29 x 58 inches and the pad- actual table is 19 x 43.5 inches so larger adults will also be able to use it comfortably. Alpine Deluxe looks good in black, has a professional appearance and would be all right even in a gym, pivot hinges are hidden by the nylon aprons on the sides which can be detached easily for cleaning. It has a convenient folding design (nearly flat folding at dimensions of 78 x 27.75 x 14.25 inches) for easy transportation and storage- you can easily put it under your bed or in your closet.

ALPINE Inversion Table Deluxe Fitness

Alpine Inversion Table ensures comfortable inversion with the large and nicely padded backrest made of PU leather with extra lower back support, nylon support pads that can be detached for cleaning, padded ankle clamp holds and soft to touch padded handrails. It includes anti-slip composite feet underneath so it doesn’t get shaky and wobbly under you and will not move on any surface and the metal frame will not damage your floors. You will be able to preset your inversion angle to the level you wish with the high-tensile strength limiting strap and you can adjust it very comfortably. You will need to assemble it when you take it out of the box, the instructions are a little confusing but it is not hard to put it together by looking at the drawings and should be done within less than an hour. If you have an injury of some sort, please note that you will not need to use your arms to push yourself back and side handles can be used for that purpose but you will need to use your hands on the sides. You just set it to your height, lock your ankles in clamps (that are not super comfy) and set it to 20, 40, 60 or 80 degrees of inversion (put 1 at the front as 80 stands for 180 degrees of inversion). For the lower price level concerned, it is solid, sturdy and well constructed, is easy to assemble, functional, fun to use, works great and looks good.

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