Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform 2016 Model 1000W 99 Speeds Review

Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform- 1000W 99 Speeds 


The 2016 model Merax Vibration Platform we’re reviewing on this page is designed for your whole body with a powerful 1000 watt power eco silent drive motor (110V / 60Hz voltage) that enables 99 speeds for different levels of intensity (triangular oscillation frequency), for weight loss, muscle strengthening and toning, massage and relaxation and cellulite reduction purposes. It includes a remote control which we find rather convenient when you’re not sitting down and you need to turn the vibration unit on and off or change the speed, and has the yoga straps to help enhance your upper body and arm workout. With the strong massage offered by the powerful motor with 99 different speeds- at lower speeds, you will feel good after a long day at work and when you need to relax or at higher speeds to achieve your fitness goals. You even have three effects for running, jogging and walking as indicated on the platform- walking if you put your feet in the middle, jogging a little wider and running is close to the edges as you can see in the product photos. 


Merax Vibration Platform includes transport wheels so you can move it in your house easily without having to lift the 40 pounds of weight, so it is not really compact and has the measurements of 28.4 x 15.8 x 5.5 inches. As a solid and sturdy vibration unit, it can have a total weight of 330 pounds, and large or overweight adults can benefit from it too. But it is always a good idea to ask your health care provider if you have a related preexisting condition. You can choose from one of the four preset programs and there is also a manual program for easy customization and you can set the intensity / speed and time according to your needs or whatever you fancy on the day. Some of the benefits include enhancing the muscle performance, increasing metabolism, body fat, and weight loss, relieving fatigue, relaxation, soothing insomnia, reducing thread veins, improving the look of your skin, increasing bone density, enhancing blood circulation, rehabilitating injuries, activating joints and enhancing coordination and balance. There are many customers that swear by the weight loss and toning results they achieved by vibration platforms, but we still recommend this as an additional unit to your exercise routine and healthy eating. And overall this is a high-quality product with a solid build, a user-friendly panel and great features at a fair price.

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