Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Set Review

Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Set

Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Weight Pair

Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Set is a 2-in-1 all purpose resistance training unit that includes multi-pure iron weight plates for home gym use. It has an average customer rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars by 31 happy and satisfied users at the time of this product review.

There is easy transition within just seconds from two dumbbells to a barbell with the connecting bar or vice versa with its great 2-in-1 weight adjustable design. You can comfortably use it for both the close grip and wide hammer exercises. It is safe to use in both the dumbbell and barbell modes with the slip-resistant, soft and waterproof neoprene used. You’ll find a few removable weight plates on both sides of the dumbbells and this gives you different weight options.

Unlike with the other dumbbells you don’t need to make a few purchases for achieving different weights and ways to exercise. You can use the dumbbells and barbells for strengthening and toning muscles, increasing muscle mass, enhancing endurance, burning calories and losing weight as part of a cardiovascular exercise routine. It will help shape your chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, abdominals and more. And you can stay fit and healthy in the comfort of your home, especially during the Covid days or what may come up in the future.

In the smallest 33 lb. barbell or 16lb dumbbell pair you’ll find 4 x 4.4lb. and 4 x 3.3 lb. weight plates and 2 dumbbell bars that weigh 0.6 lb. each in this set. So you can adjust the weight between 0.6 lb. and 16 lb. on each dumbbell with the 4.4 or 3.3-pound increments. The other size options are 44lb. barbell or 22lb. dumbbell pair, 55b. barbell or 27lb. dumbbell pair, and 66lb. barbell or 33lb. dumbbell pair. The upgraded curved shape on the handlebar makes it resistant to falls and will help enhance your coordination. You can use the barbell for doing squats if you load only one side of each dumbbell.

Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell

The main material used for the weights is steel that is covered by silicone for making it soft and anti-slip. The item will get shipped the same day or the next business day depending on the time of the order etc. but there may be delays by the shipping companies in the Covid period. Please note that you can fit two plates on each side of the dumbbells and you can’t fit in 3 weights on one side. The barbell handle can hold a maximum of 66 pounds of weight and you can certainly use other plates on this set.

It will give you a decent workout overall at home but not like a killer body builder type workout. You can do all sorts of exercises that you do with the dumbbells or barbells at the gym including shoulder presses, curls, flies, tricep extensions, lunges, squats, bench presses and more. This set is functional, sturdy, durable and nice looking at the same time and will cost you much less than paying for different dumbbells, bars and weights. The set is made in China but shipped from the warehouses within the US. This set is made of great quality raw materials and is free of any defects. And you can have a peace of mind with your purchase as it comes with a 30-day warranty for any defects. You can contact the customer service on in case of any problems or when you wish to order extra weight plates etc.

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