Resolve Fitness S1 Commercial Power Cage, 6898 Review

Resolve Fitness S1 Commercial Power Cage, 6898

RESOLVE FITNESS S1 (6898) is a brand new release premium power cage with an impressive 1500-pound total weight capacity on its thick commercial level steel frame that measures 2 x 3 inches. You’ll find two solid safety bars with the rubber coating for your comfort and stability. The larger and longer one is 35.5 inches long and the smaller padded one is 11.5 inches long.

These dual mounted safety bars have 13 adjustable positions and 25 adjustable height levels. You’ll find two multi-grip pull-up and chin-up bars have a total weight capacity of 600 pounds. So you shouldn’t have any concerns about whether it will hold your weight. There is a U-shaped stability bar at the back to improve your security and stability. You can use this power cage with the 7-feet Olympic bars. A large number of lower body and upper body exercises can be performed on this robust, multi-purpose commercial power cage safely.

1500 pounds of user weight limit is quite high as far as the power racks are concerned. The 2” x 3” heavy duty commercial grade steel frame is very strong and durable. And you have plenty of space inside the cage for your different workouts, as you can tell from the photos. You can engage your arms- triceps and biceps, shoulders and back by holding the multi-grip pull up bars with different hand positions. There are two pairs of adjustable spotting bars with rubber coating for a great performance and for you to feel safe and stable during your session.

Any potential denting or scratching are avoided with the rubber coated safety bars. You can rack your weights on the safety bars securely without any shaking or wobbling. Resolve Fitness S1 (6898) weighs 256 pounds and measures 71.5L x 52W x 86H inches as assembled. This power cage can be bolted to any type of ground with its predrilled holes and hardware provided in the box. It is sold on Resolve S1 Power Cageits own with the tools and instructions included but without the weight plates or Olympic bar. You need to purchase them separately if you don’t have them at home.

Resolve Fitness is a division of the well-known southern Californian company Paradigm Health& Wellness Inc. And in March 2018 they started offering light commercial resistance and aerobic training equipment at very competitive prices. They are functional, easy on the eyes with the modern state of the art and innovative design, have biomechanics and sturdy construction. Despite being a very recent release strength training product it is one of the better selling or ranking among power rages, currently ranking the 15th best seller. You can have a great, comfortable and effective workout on this light commercial products in the comfort of your home. It is offered with a warranty of three years for the parts and ten years for the frame.

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