Stamina Outdoor Power Tower Pro, 65-1485 Review

Stamina Outdoor Power Tower Pro

Stamina Outdoor Power Tower

Stamina Outdoor Power Tower Pro (65-1485) is quite a special strength training equipment that is designed to resist the tough weather conditions and elements outside your house or gym. So it doesn’t matter whether it is hot summer, cold winter or rainy autumn, you can work out outdoors at any time of the year in any season.

It has a very sturdy and durable construction with a heavy-gauge steel frame, stainless hardware and outdoor paint that has the UV protection and corrosion & chip resistance. It will maintain its nice color over time and will not fade. It is shipped unassembled but is easy enough to assemble and you can bolt it to the concrete ground to feel more safe and stable when you’re exercising on it.

The total user weight capacity is specified as 300 pounds on the Power Tower Pro model with the rugged construction. And you should use it one person at a time and it is for consumer use and not for commercial, public or semipublic settings. You’ll also get an adjustable Pylo box that can be adjusted between 16 to 24 inches of height to give you more workout choices on your lower and upper body. You can work your back, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps and abdominals on its bars for sit-ups, tricep dips, lat pull-ups, push-ups, narrow grip pull ups, vertical knee raises and chin-ups with different grip positions.

Stamina Outdoor Power Tower Pro

You have a dip station, a push-up station and a pull-up station on this power tower with the three grip options of forward grip, wide grip and chin-up. You can do decline push-ups, incline push-ups, Plyo box jumps, split squat, single leg step down, glutei bridge, tricep dip off ploy box, lateral twist jump and step ups on the textured Plyo Box. So you have a decent whole body workout regardless of what the weather is like outside.

Having said that you need to be careful with the salt water and keep it away from other extreme environments as they can deteriorate the paint badly. The hand grips on different stations of the Stamina Power Tower Pro help improve the stability and comfort. We do not have a great deal of information or reviews on this brand new release product yet. But judging by the performance functionality and durability of their Outdoor Power Tower model, you have a winner here.

Please make sure you read the owner’s manual that you’ll receive or find online on the Stamina website, and makes sure that it is assembled nicely and everything tightened before you start working out. It is important that you put it on a hard, level surface and secure it with the anchors and the bolts. If you find that a part is defective or missing, call their customer support toll-free or use their live chat on their website. The warranty offered is 90 days for the parts and three years for the frame from the date of your purchase. Even the strongest athlete can get a pretty good workout from the Power Tower Pro, which we think is quite good value for the dollar.

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